Make sure your light bulb moment is truly brilliant

on November 27, 2013 Peak Performance with 2 comments

There are millions of people with talent. The girl with the amazing voice, the painter with the evocative and moving images, the writer who spins tales from thin air. But not everyone becomes a celebrity. They don’t all hit the big time and become a brilliant talent. Many live unrecognised lives and when they die, their wasted talent is lamented.

Ideas are like talent. Great ideas are in abundance. But even the best idea is not worth the light bulb it rode in on if it is not properly supported on its journey to success.

Business’s are built around ideas – Thomas Edison is often credited with having had the original light bulb moment when he invented the light bulb, however light bulbs had already been ‘invented’ quite a few times already. What Edison did was take a good idea and turn it into a commercially viable product.

Success sometimes appears to be effortless and from the outside it can look like this:


However taking an idea from a light bulb moment to its full brilliance is a long road that looks more like this:



Ideas are aplenty. They pop up in the middle of the night, in the shower and as you peel the potatoes. Ideas so amazing they cannot fail to succeed. What is less abundant is the determination to make an idea succeed.

Hard work, learning, planning, failing, trying again, trying something different, a sprinkling of blind faith in your own capabilities and additional help from professionals are all vital ingredients in the success of an idea. Very few people make it alone. Celebrities – even those without obvious talent – have a team of stylists, voice coaches, PR people, mentors, and assistants making sure they don’t stray from the path. Your ideas are the same. They require a lot of support in order to shine to their full potential.

And while most successful ideas are authentic, that is, they have a greater purpose than merely the execution of themselves; the value of a ‘good’ idea or a ‘great’ idea is not nearly as important as a solid concept that has the stamina to go the distance and not become another wasted idea left to dim on the roadside as others head towards brilliance and success.

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  • Dina
    on November 27, 2013 Reply

    Love this Rachel and it is so so true! As a business owner I used to look at success from the outside for my first 2 years in business and wondered why I wasn’t sustaining my business. I now recognise the inside view is what creates the success I want from my business. Thank you for sharing!

  • AndrewCharlton
    on September 28, 2016 Reply

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