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NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive 3-day Virtual Training

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Become masterful at selling without ever sounding salesy.


Welcome to SalesSPACE

Across your time working with us you will develop the skills and mindset to be masterful at selling without ever feeling salesy. You will learn the power and leverage of Affective Influence (more on that below!).

Clients working with us are ALWAYS hugely grateful for finally having a sales system and approach they can trust.

One that is fully aligned with their values.

One that delivers the promised results.

One that makes selling enjoyable.

What to Expect


Mindset or mental strength is the starting point in all sales success.  When sales conversations are conducted in the YES Zone, prospects will naturally move into you.


Mental strength (your mindset) is one of the biggest differences between success and failure.  No matter what your speciality your ability to turn up mentally prepared is fundamental… In sales we refer to this as being an order taker or a sales maker.  Do you and your sales team come to work every day living for sales?

This is the Yes Zone

“Neuroscience shows negative thoughts and patterns are from a network region of the brain called the default mode network (DMN). The network is automatically engaged when the mind is left to wander without focus or intention.”

Keeping your mind focused is a matter of discipline and training.


A proven sales system provides a framework that you can rely on.  It must be repeatable and be developed to take your clients on an emotional journey.


A proven sales system provides a framework that you can rely on. It must be repeatable. It must take your clients on a heightened emotional journey.

A benchmark sales approach not only reflects a company’s service offering, it defines it.  Astute businesses recognise that their clients’ first personal impression is often delivered by Sales.

The SalesSPACE system for Seamless SalesTM ensures your customers leave every conversation feeling valued and empowered – leading to higher conversion and increased revenue.


True sales success is only achieved through implementation.  Your sales Strategy must guarantee action to build sales momentum and achieve results.


Be Deliberate; you can’t afford to be ad-hoc when selling. Once you have developed a sales system you must design a strategy that will guarantee action and results.

Business cannot grow without a clearly defined Sales Strategy – it’s that simple.  You can market your products all you like but without a sales strategy you are an order taker – a business that relies on market demand or sheer luck to trade well.  All seems good while the economy is strong but when the market softens your lack of strategy will find you wanting.

On the other hand a business with a strong Sales Strategy is a Sales Maker.  In good times there may not seem a whole lot of difference but when the market turns and leads dry up, it’s Sales Makers with their defined strategy that make the most of every opportunity and fare very well.

Your Influence Determines Your Income


Introducing the New AI

Affective Influence

Forget Artificial Intelligence, Affective Influence is the new AI.

To truly influence someone to action you must use their values to affect them emotionally.

In a competitive market, it is how you make a client feel that determines whether or not they will buy from you and if that sale will end in a positive review.

SalesSPACE has developed a comprehensive diagnostic to assess your ability to influence in a sales situation.  Your Affective Influence Index or AI2


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Nothing is more important or rewarding than being great at sales.  Each of these guides is packed with information and advice on how to improve your level of influence.

Learn the key steps to building an exceptional value proposition and uncover the real reasons clients may baulk at your price.

Explore the Neuroscience of decision making and know how to be sure you are not unwittingly repelling your clients.

Guarantee your best possible sales result. Solo-preneur to corporate sales team, you’re wasting time and  money without this.

Meet Our Team

Rachel Bourke

For bankable sales success it is critical to engage a Master Sales Trainer. One that understands sales is a service and that confidence comes from clarity.

With over 25 years’ experience as a business owner, Rachel knows what it takes to succeed. Like you, she knows the tough decisions, exciting highs and the financial pressures.

Winging it in sales simply won’t cut it, there is a structure that works. You must know exactly what to say and when to say it.

Rachel is renowned for her practical, inspirational and no-nonsense style. Utilising the Neuroscience of Influence, an advanced application of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics and the SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach™ Methodology, she continues to attract clients that are determined to be best.

Her client portfolio includes The NSW Business Chamber, leading small to medium enterprises, prominent influencers, trainers and educators. Rachel worked internationally for several years teaching advanced skills of influence to senior executives of global banks such as The Royal Bank of Scotland and Morgan Stanley, the general manager of L’Oréal Paris and many more.

Colin Eggins

When dollars make the difference, it’s imperative to work with a strategist that has a mind for detail.

Colin Eggins has extensive experience and expertise in sales, strategy, media advertising, and management. After a rewarding 21 years at Southern Cross Austereo, that started in IT and culminated in managing their largest regional TV business unit in Australia, he now devotes his time entirely to the growth and success of SalesSPACE clients.

Clients rave about his ability to solve problems and determine areas of significant improvement with sometimes subtle changes or thinking outside the square.  A product of his unique career mix that sets him apart from other Sales Strategists.

Col holds a Master of Business, is a brilliant mathematician and obsessive researcher. He achieved salesman of the year at Telecasters Australia Limited (beating almost 200 others for the title) and more importantly has been the driving force behind the strategy that has seen phenomenal growth in SalesSPACE.

Throughout his career, Col has been instrumental to the success of hundreds of clients of all size. From small businesses to large corporates such as Nick Scali Furniture, The Good Guys and the Greater Building Society. Col is determined to see business succeed.

Avalon Davy

Coordinating multiple people and events in a dynamic environment requires high-levels of insight and attention to detail.  An ability to see potential issues before they arise is critical and preparation drives performance.

Avalon Davy is the Office Manager at SalesSPACE and personal assistant to both Rachel Bourke & Col Eggins. She has been a pivotal part of the SalesSPACE team for over 3 years.

Clients often note her level-headed approach in challenging times and that her friendly demeanour always remains unchanged.

It could be argued that spending 8.5 years in the Automotive Industry in various roles such as Apprentice Mechanic, Used Car Reconditioning Manager & Service Advisor set her up perfectly for the current role.

Avalon prides herself on being hardworking, reliable, organised and offers a high level of professionalism and support to all SalesSPACE clients.


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