The YES Zone

There are feelings that must be felt and boxes that must be ticked for a purchase to be made. With the right mental and physical preparation you can enter a sales conversation knowing you are ready to be your best. You are in The YES Zone.

Destined to make an impact

How do you learn to be someone who people are drawn to; they want to be with – someone who people love to buy from?

This is my area of expertise, and it has a very personal meaning. I have always viewed myself as someone who is destined to make an impact. Not through being wildly famous, but by inspiring myself enough in my own life to be an inspiration to others.

This feels uncomfortable for me to share, a client from many years ago once told me, “When I see you, it’s like a ray of sunshine in the morning.” To this day, it still brings tears to my eyes when I consider the impact I have had. I’m driven to ensure that I continue to uplift those I am fortunate enough to work with. I love to make others smile. A key role in my life is to inspire hope.

This brings me to The YES Zone.

“Who you think you are now, has no bearing on who you could be.”

Ronni Kahn (CEO and Founder of OzHarvest)

The YES Zone is the arena for mastery. It is a state of being. A combined mental and physical state. Confident, Committed and Conscious. People in The YES Zone are mentally and physically ready for what they have set out to do. They know what drives them, are deeply aware of what makes their target audience tick and are ready to be present outside of their comfort zone.

In The YES Zone, people are enjoying what they are experiencing. They are self-assured, relaxed, content.

We need our clients to be in The YES Zone. Furthermore, if you’re not in The YES Zone, you have buckleys of bringing anyone else into ‘The YES’.

Humans are wired for worry. We are naturally judgmental, cautious, on alert. It is a survival skill. That being said, the NO Zone is way larger than ‘The YES’.

I liken The NO Zone to a slippery dip: once you’re down, it is very difficult to climb back up. In fact, once in The No Zone people have the tendency to question, both themselves and us as experts; they become awash with negative thoughts, creating a haze of emotion and ultimately stress. As humans, we are conscious of our surroundings, whether we realise it or not. There are many factors that can move people into The NO Zone, from how you communicate, to the shirt you wear on the day.

Consciousness and consistency are vital to achieving the success that you are desiring. New prospects want you to tick all their boxes. Happy chemicals create happy prospects, and happy prospects convert into happy clients.

In The YES Zone

To operate in The YES Zone you must know:

  • BELIEVE IN YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE: The first sale is always to yourself. From your worth and fees to your programs and policies, true belief brings relief. This is the most important step in transforming your bottom line.

    This sense of security releases dopamine, for you and your prospect. You’ll experience a calm reassurance that makes you feel secure, and your prospect will feel a heightened level of hope that your product or service will meet their needs. Security is a necessary (ancient) human need. Create that atmosphere and experience the joy of elegantly leading a sales conversation that converts leads into clients.

  • PREPARATION IS KEY: Your level of preparation enters the conversation with its persona, brimming with alluring confidence before you even say a word. Being prepared and in The YES Zone ensures you will lead the conversation, rather than react. Thorough preparation includes crafting your succinct pitch that flows eloquently from your mouth, knowing your competitors and being ready to lead the way with any common concerns you know are relevant to the situation.

    When you’re prepared, there will be no surprises. Fear is replaced by clarity, and your brain will fill with serotonin. You’ll be able to focus on your client – giving them the essential feeling of ‘importance’.

  • BUILD TRUST: Without trust, there won’t be a sales conversation! By clearly and openly articulating what your offer is, and what your offer is NOT, you are empowering your client to make a sound decision, giving them a wave of oxytocin and promoting feelings of trust.

    When you lead with positive behaviour, you’ll draw those around you into The Yes Zone and create the perfect buying environment.


The YES Zone LIVE Show

Systemise your sales to maximise your results. In an ever-changing environment, running a business means overcoming challenges. Such challenges can be met efficiently and effectively when the right technology is implemented. CRM software adds value to a business.

Join Rachel Bourke, with Zoho expert Ben McDarmont, to learn the 7 critical steps to guarantee optimal customer relations, the rules for choosing a CRM and how the right CRM software is a game changer for your business.

Driven by self-leadership

The YES Zone is driven by self-leadership; ensure your expertise and experience are perceived correctly. People buy from positive, professional and prepared people. Your ability to project positivity and confidence is critical to lead conversion and sales success.

“OMG! What an experience. The sales intensive training provided by Rachel and Colin was more than just training. It was an immersive journey that led me to find my ‘sales voice’. I have been equipped with an approach that is the difference I have been looking for, for so long. Bravo SalesSPACE.”

Karen Ferris | Organisational Change Rebel With a Cause

“Thank you, Rachel, Col and Avalon, for a wonderful program. Not only do I have a deeper understanding of my business and what I offer, I also have a compelling message as a Buyer’s Coach™. The program is well structured and paced and I now have a compelling way to sell what I do.”

Maree Burgess | Delegation Expert

“Rachel and Col. This 3 days has equipped me with an effective sales process and a Buyers Coach Mindset that I need to grow my business. Rachel is an outstanding presenter, and both she and Col are very committed to seeing their clients excel. Thank you for your great input into my life and business.”

John Drury | John Drury Business Mentor

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