Are you as impressive in person as you are on paper?

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Every piece of your marketing, presentation and branding does one very important thing for you – they set expectations.

The way you present your business – from your brand, your website, your bio and your image, even your testimonials – all set clear expectations. What kind of business you are, what level of professionalism people can expect, how they will be treated.

But are you as impressive in person as you are on paper?

Recently I made an appointment with someone. We had never met before but my research showed them to be remarkable. Their website was slick, filled with valuable information and beautifully designed. Their LinkedIn profile screamed ‘expert’, and their testimonials supported my impression of this person. I was really looking forward to meeting them – I was excited by the possibility of working with such an impressive professional.

However when we met, my level of excitement plummeted. They were poorly presented, they lacked confidence and they were disorganised and scattered. There was no sign of the sharp professional I had been expecting. I felt horribly let down – I no longer trusted them at a professional level.

“Unmet expectations are one of the most important experiences to avoid as they generate a stronger threat response.”
‘(Not so great) Expectations’ by David Rock – Director of the NeuroLeadership Institute

Pay close attention to the expectations you are setting. The ability to effectively create, maintain, and meet expectations leads to achieving greater business and personal success.

If you:
•    Set no expectations – you will build no rapport, inspire no hope and do poorly in business
•    Set low expectations – you unwittingly suggest an unwillingness to grow and stretch yourself for the benefit of others
•    Exaggerate expectations – you will create false expectations, or ones you cannot meet – you are breaking a psychological contract and the trust of the other person
•    Set realistic expectations – choose this option, it is the best way forward. The answer lies in accurately assessing your abilities and then managing the expectation of others accordingly.

How to be as impressive in person as you are on paper:

Present well
Not paying attention to your visual presentation will tell your clients a lot. None of it positive. From your outfit, to your presentation material and leave-behind folder – make sure all of it meets – or exceeds your client’s expectations.

Be confident
There is nothing more off-putting in a professional than lack of confidence. One of the easiest ways to feel confident is to dress well and be prepared!

Be articulate
If you are not congruent with your message, you can’t expect others to jump on board. Speak with conviction, clarity and understanding.

Be inspirational
Feeling inspired gives people great hope – and hope is one of the main reasons people will buy, or buy into an idea or concept.

Everything that surrounds your brand is setting an expectation – a psychological contract that you will be as impressive in all aspects of your business as your material states.

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