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Each session requires you to do a little homework. Being masterful at sales requires mental strength, structure and strategy. Do the thinking now and you’ll get so much more out of the webcast series.

If you want to talk through your thoughts prior, please complete the form. In times like these, Rachel and Colin will give you all the advice they can.


Best training I’ve ever done

“Wow! Awesome, practical training that I can’t wait to implement. Best training I have ever done”.

Tamara Hatton-Ward. Founder. Pinstripe Recruitment

Punch-in-the-face powerful

“What Rachel and Col teach is easy to understand and punch-in-the-face powerful. And not something you’re likely to easily come to on your own.”

Katrina Ferguson – Photographer

The “new thing” in sales

“Rachel and Col are the “the new thing” in teaching the art and science of sales. I was thoroughly impressed by their ability to wordsmith, think strategically and add value to businesses big and small. I would highly recommend”.

Tommy Lim – Managing Director. SF Capital

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