Bespoke Communication Mastery

If your sales team does not understand how to listen to your clients, they are being misunderstood and disregarded. They are performing well below their full potential and your company is losing valuable sales.

The ability to instinctively respond to physical and sensory cues will set your team apart; dramatically improving client satisfaction, retention, referrals and ultimately, your bottom line.

SalesSpace delivers a bespoke communication mastery training that will ensure your team can read, lead and satisfy others. They will know how to deliver your company’s message, building a powerful rapport with your client base and beyond.

This practical training will not only teach your sales team how to masterfully communicate but how to do it with ease and confidence. You will know your clients are being given impeccable attention, every time.

Your team will learn how to:

  • Read clients -understand what cues are being delivered and how to respond.
  • Listen for subtle information that is key to the sales conversation.
  • Compellingly deliver your company’s uniqueness.
  • Seamlessly, have guarded information shared by clients.
  • Tactfully discover your client’s fears and objections and use this information to assist the sale.
  • Create lucrative opportunities, no matter what the context.
  • Ensure clients are open to following recommendations.
  • Gracefully present themselves as a buyer’s coach, rather than engaging in off-putting ‘old-school’ sales.
  • Develop the skills required to achieve expert status with both your clients and industry peers.


This training will be run as a live event (non-tailored) on 12 – 13 November, 2013, enquire now, or call +61 449 093 740

For bookings or further enquiries, email or call Rachel Bourke on +61 449 093 740

Skilful Listening + Language Skills = Communication Mastery