Bespoke NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive

Is your sales team relying on old-school sales techniques and sabotaging the success of your business?

Sales form the cornerstone of a financially successful business. If your team is not selling to their full potential, the structure of your business is weak and your are financially vulnerable.

Working with SalesSpace founder Rachel Bourke,  your team will develop a tailored sales system that guarantees results. They will understand and master the art of exceptional sales, and sales leadership techniques as well as developing communication confidence and powerful presentation skills.

Your team will learn how to:

  • Sell confidently
    • develop a mindset that allows them to feel relaxed, empowered, and in control of sales conversations
  • Find their uniqueness
    • develop a Perfect Pitch, to articulate what your business in a way that stops clients in their tracks
  • Develop a success focus
    • enjoy a new level of confidence as they naturally lead a prospective client from ‘slightly interested’ to ‘sold’ by following the unique sales system
  • Create Opportunity
    • be so memorable that even if people don’t need what your business offers, they will unconsciously become an advocate; sending prospective clients to you
  • Build Rapport
    • understand the intricate methods of reading others so they can lead conversations and very quickly build deep levels of respect and connection
  • Prove your Professionalism
    • master a sales system tailored for your product or service, so you become a professional and successful company with proven credentials
  • Secure Referrals
    • ask for testimonials and references in a natural manner, one that consistently leads to raving 3rd Party Endorsements.

For optimal sales team performance, include Bespoke Communication Mastery Training.

For bookings or further enquiries, email or call Rachel Bourke on +61 449 093 740

Lead your team. Exceed expectations.

I have been in real estate for over 20 years and thought I had an excellent knowledge of sales. Rachel immediately improved my success rate. By focusing on my wording I began sounding more polished and different to all the other sales agents in my area. I have no doubt that Rachel has put me in a superior position to my competitors.
Rosalie Gordon. Sales Director. Ray White Petersham NSW

A fantastic experience, and you come away with skills that will serve you a lifetime. I’m really thankful to Rachel for teaching me things that take me into a comfort zone whereby previously I felt so uncomfortable. I had a great deal of difficulty articulating my passion about what I do and putting it into terms that are really easily understood by the people that I want to be dealing with. I cannot recommend the entire course highly enough. Its fun, its hands on, its intense, its all sorts of things all in one go.
Kirsten Hartley. Biodynamic Farming Specialist and author