The mechanics of magnetism

on March 18, 2014 NeuroInfluence, Sales Success with 0 comments

You need new clients desperately – your sales figures are dropping and your business is looking less and less viable. But you would almost rather die than pick up the phone and start calling potential clients, or attend a networking event. As you force yourself to undertake these tasks, you are aware that not only […]

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How to avoid crash-landing your sales presentation

on March 4, 2014 Communication Mastery, Sales Success with 0 comments

Your marketing material looks great, your sales pitch sounds polished and clever, you’ve researched your client and you know your product inside out. Yet at some point in your presentation you get the feeling your potential client is looking for the emergency exit, and you sense you’re heading into a nose-dive. Once a potential client […]

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You want your business to succeed but are YOU match-fit?

on February 19, 2014 Peak Performance with 0 comments

Back to back meetings, a to-do list longer than your arm, and a phone and in-box that constantly demand your attention – these are all signs that your business is bursting at the seams. You are motivated, buoyed by new ideas, new possibilities and the buzz of being busy. But as you strategise and plan, […]

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Why are some people so much more inspiring than others?

on February 5, 2014 Leadership with 1 comment

While there is a lot of discussion about discovering your ‘why’ and many systems for articulating this to your clients, the reason why your why is so crucial to your success is an even deeper question that goes beyond just words. Why are some people so much more inspiring than others? Their purpose appears to […]

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Three wise men

on December 18, 2013 Sales Success with 0 comments

Once upon a time three wise men rode across the desert on camels, following a star. A star full of promise and hope for a future that was bigger and fuller than the present. While the coming year may be full of promise and hope for you and your business, make sure you don’t set […]

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The past year is a reflection of you. What insights will you uncover?

on December 11, 2013 Peak Performance with 0 comments

As you strive to reach your business goals; eyes constantly on the future, searching for new opportunities, new ideas and better solutions – do you ever stop to look back along the path you have travelled? Pausing on your journey and looking back can seem like an indulgent and extravagant use of your precious time. […]

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How to control mind chatter for a clearer, more productive mindset.

on December 4, 2013 Peak Performance with 1 comment

Inside your head there is endless chatter, but what are you saying, and why are you listening? Your brain is a very powerful tool and learning to take control of your mind is an invaluable skill. Who are you listening to right now? Mind chatter is more noticeable and more of a problem when it […]

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Make sure your light bulb moment is truly brilliant

on November 27, 2013 Peak Performance with 2 comments

There are millions of people with talent. The girl with the amazing voice, the painter with the evocative and moving images, the writer who spins tales from thin air. But not everyone becomes a celebrity. They don’t all hit the big time and become a brilliant talent. Many live unrecognised lives and when they die, […]

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Procrastination – what does it really mean?

on November 20, 2013 Peak Performance with 0 comments

In business there are only two real fears. The fear of failure, or the fear of success. Giving in to endless distractions, putting off tasks, not completing a task because it is not ‘perfect’, or leaving things to the very last minute, are all procrastination. And procrastination is the act of trying to avoid one […]

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The one question a business leader should never ask

on November 13, 2013 Leadership with 0 comments

The full weight of responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the captain of the ship. No matter the weather conditions, the dangers and the potential pitfalls, the captain of the ship must navigate the ship, and it’s crew and the cargo to smoother waters. A business leader is much the same. As the word […]

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