How to turn a mistake into magic

on March 24, 2016 Communication Mastery with 0 comments

Plant a deep seed of trust – own your mistakes. Humans are, by their very nature, imperfect. We all make mistakes and you may think that stuff-ups can spell disaster for your business – but in reality, it’s how quickly and transparently you react that counts to your client. There are two ways to respond […]

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What influential people do first

on December 8, 2015 Communication Mastery with 0 comments

Influential people are not born special, nor do they possess a secret talent denied to most people. Influence involves forethought and planning. Influence is deliberate. It is a product of intention. Setting an intention creates a snow-ball effect that rolls in exactly the direction you want it to. A lack of intention will leave you […]

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Are you as impressive in person as you are on paper?

on July 27, 2015 Communication Mastery, Sales Success with 0 comments

Every piece of your marketing, presentation and branding does one very important thing for you – they set expectations. The way you present your business – from your brand, your website, your bio and your image, even your testimonials – all set clear expectations. What kind of business you are, what level of professionalism people […]

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Is it really important to be unique?

on July 9, 2015 Communication Mastery, Sales Success with 0 comments

60% of people won’t make a decision to work with you because they don’t see the difference between you and your competitors. What makes you different, and how you use this to attract people to your business, is critical. You are judged by: 1) Experience People are reassured by your experience and are acutely assessing […]

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The pen is mightier than the sword but images pack the real punch!

on April 28, 2015 Communication Mastery, Sales Success with 0 comments

Neglecting to use images in your sales presentations is like selling on eBay without photos. No matter how succinct your message is, using imagery to reinforce your presentation will maximise your sales results. According to Molecular Biologist John Medina, author of Brain Rules “Vision trumps all other senses. We are incredible at remembering pictures. Hear […]

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Stop talking! It is costing you a fortune

on March 3, 2015 Communication Mastery with 0 comments

Most people who wish to run a successful business choose an area they are passionate about. The problem you are solving for your clients is something that occupies the pre-frontal cortex of your brain 25 hours a day.  You love to talk about what you do, your enthusiasm bursting out of you like an amateur […]

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The number one way to reach expert status

on February 3, 2015 Communication Mastery with 0 comments

You have been in business for years. You expand your knowledge at every opportunity and your professional presentation is flawless. But like getting stuck in a mediocre grade in your chosen sport, you don’t seem to be able to crack the ‘expert badge’ for your industry. Experts can sometimes look like Olympians – that rare […]

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Nothing turns people off faster than feeling unimportant

on October 28, 2014 Communication Mastery with 0 comments

A person who feels insignificant in your presence will never buy from you. The way to demonstrate a client’s importance in a sales meeting is to be diligent with preparation. This is the difference between yes and no. Feelings of importance release the happy brain chemical serotonin, which in turn deactivates the threat response that […]

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Mind your language

on May 27, 2014 Communication Mastery with 3 comments

You are a seasoned communicator and you relish the opportunity to talk with people about your passion. You see a sales presentation to a prospective client as a conversation –an exchange of words to establish understanding, rapport and create the basis of an ongoing relationship. But as your conversation develops, you notice a cooling in […]

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Authenticity builds trust. But how authentic are you?

on May 13, 2014 Communication Mastery with 0 comments

You are the sum of your experiences. This is not to say your experiences have to be amazing, noteworthy, dramatic or tragic – it is what you take from your experiences that make you who you are – not the events themselves. In order to ‘make a connection’ – whether with your clients, your community […]

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