Who is the most important person in the room?

on September 16, 2014 NeuroInfluence with 0 comments

Sales presentations and new client meetings can play havoc with your nerves and your confidence. For you, there is a lot riding on the outcome of the meeting and it is easy to let your inner critic get the upper hand and pull you into a negative mindset. A negative mindset and low confidence will […]

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Stepping out with confidence

on August 5, 2014 NeuroInfluence, Peak Performance with 0 comments

You are dressed for success, your mind is focused and you are set to pull off a killer sales presentation. But you know your confidence is a façade and you are on high alert for anything or anyone that might throw you off course and send you tumbling into a vortex of self-doubt and negativity. […]

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The mechanics of magnetism

on March 18, 2014 NeuroInfluence, Sales Success with 0 comments

You need new clients desperately – your sales figures are dropping and your business is looking less and less viable. But you would almost rather die than pick up the phone and start calling potential clients, or attend a networking event. As you force yourself to undertake these tasks, you are aware that not only […]

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on October 23, 2013 Communication Mastery, NeuroInfluence with 1 comment

It’s fast, free and easy, and it may win you more clients than you realise! And yes, it’s your smile. When you first meet a potential client, your body language will subconsciously tell them more about you than anything you may say. And your face carries the biggest impact of all. Remember, people will forget […]

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The Neuroscience of Decision-Making: The Best 3 ways to create a Positive Outcome

on October 1, 2013 NeuroInfluence with 0 comments

Decision-making is the crux of sales. In any sales situation, your ultimate aim is for your client to make a decision. Ideally they will make an informed and balanced decision that, while it may not be in your favour, is acknowledged by both parties as the right decision. But what is the neuroscience behind decision-making? […]

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The Neuroscience of Brain Freeze: discover 5 quick steps to control your nerves

on September 24, 2013 NeuroInfluence with 0 comments

While stand-up comedy and sales don’t have a lot in common, first impressions really count for both the comedian and the sales person.  A nervous start to either performance will affect everyone, creating a tough audience. Being able to control your own nerves and emotions will go along way toward the success of your performance […]

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Your three brains – which one makes decisions?

on July 18, 2013 NeuroInfluence with 0 comments

In order to understand how best to sell to your clients, you need to understand a little bit about the physiology of the human brain. All three of them. In the 1960’s Paul D MacLean proposed that the human brain is actually three brains in one: The neocortex – This part of our brain is […]

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