Executive Team Perfect Pitch Programme

Are you brilliant at articulating what your company offers? When you speak does everybody stop and listen?

In todays highly competitive business world it is essential to be impactful and highly compelling, not only to clients but also to your employees. To optimise your company’s performance you must create and master a powerfully persuasive sales message.

By understanding the power of language, the effect your voice has on others and skilfully crafting your message, you will be able to access the instinctual brain, the CEO of decision-making, and witness a marked increase in motivation and results.

 Over three sessions, utilising NeuroInfluence – the science of the instinctual brain, this programme will:

1) Uncover the essential elements of your business required to craft your message/s

  • Dig deep into your uniqueness
  • Determine direction

2) Create
succinct and inspiring messages

  • Refine language
  • Develop message/s

3) Develop metaphors

  • Transport your listener to a deep level of understanding
  • Use one metaphor to succinctly explain your multitude of offerings


4) Polish your language for seamless delivery

  • Understand the effect of your voice
  • Optimise delivery for maximum result



To create a powerfully persuasive sales team, combine SalesSpace’s Bespoke NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive and  Bespoke Communication Mastery training.

For bookings or further enquiries, email Support@SalesSPACE.com.au or call Rachel Bourke on +61 449 093 740

Lead your team. Exceed expectations.

Rachel is a dynamo! She is energetic, extremely knowledgeable and a no-nonsense Coach. She is committed to helping you get results and works with you in an engaging and supportive way. If you want to get results in your business Rachel will help you achieve this – she’s going to keep you accountable too! Highly recommended – really valuable.Sandra Wood. Director. Great Managers.

I had an amazing 1:1 Sales Intensive with Rachel. She is very intuitive and captured the essence of me and my business in the twinkling of an eye. And she helped me craft a zinger of a positioning statement and elevator pitch. Then she helped me tailor her step-by-step sales process to my business. Rachel’s style of selling really appeals to me; it feels natural, engaging and is all about relationships. I highly recommend her sales intensive as it gives you the toolkit and confidence to get out there and start selling!Kym Adams. Copywriter. Ink from the Shrink.

Rachel Bourke is an exceptional coach and trainer who has worked with our team on two continents for many years. The team feel supported and the coaching they experience has improved their fulfilment, sales skills, communication skills and overall performance. If you want a coach who produces phenomenal results, then I recommend you contact Rachel it will be the best investment in your business you will make.Karen Corban, Director Universal Events Pty Ltd, Australia