Rachel Bourke speaks to Kristen Hansen

The latest research findings in Neuroscience is much like the Internet, or the invention of the mobile phone – now that they exist, we wonder how we ever survived without them.

The neuroscience of sales is particularly intriguing. Rachel Bourke spoke Kirsten Hansen, one of Australia’s leading trainers in this emerging field to find out how neuroscience helps you understand behaviour and how that can change the way you approach sales.

…being able to understand and utilise modern neuroscience is particularly empowering. By being aware of how quickly and easily certain responses are triggered and how they are likely to affect communication, we are able to regulate our emotions and place ourselves in an optimistic state more efficiently.

Kristen Hansen is the Director of Enhansen Performance – a sales and leadership coaching and training company that utilises emotional intelligence and neuroscience to enhance performance. Kristen draws on her current studies in a Master of the Neuroscience of Leadership as well as qualifications with numerous emotional intelligence instruments and 20 years experience as a Sales Manager for various Australian companies. Kristen helps business owners and managers achieve their goals around business growth, personal effectiveness and leadership.

The full interview is available below as a .pdf document.

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