For sales success, speak like a doctor

Your clients are like patients; they are looking for someone to help them understand what is wrong, and more importantly, how to fix it. They are looking for an expert, a trusted advisor who is accomplished at solving the problem they have.

In a sales situation, assume the leadership role and speak like a doctor. A good doctor does not umm and ahhh when presented with a set of symptoms. A good doctor asks questions. They stay emotionally neutral and reassure their patient – there is a solution.


The best way to give this reassurance is through language – your physical and verbal language;


Set the right tone
When a client is cautious and nervous, the last thing you need to be is overly enthusiastic. Some clients can be easily overwhelmed, so use a calm, centred approach. Succinct use of words and gestures will help create trust.


Question and listen
In order to listen, you must ask the right questions. What symptoms are they experiencing, how do they feel, what do they want. The right questions will elicit the most telling answers.


Take the lead
Verbally your voice needs to be strong and your words prescriptive. Avoid filler words such as umm, and weakening words such as maybe, possibly, might, just. You must show that you are confident both in your own expertise and in your ability to help your prospect.


Take your time
Don’t rush your answers. Consider them in relation to what your prospect needs and phrase them in a way that shows you have actively listened to what they have told you.


Back it up
When ever possible, use statistics, facts, and research to support your messages. This shows you are up-to-date with the latest research findings and are working with the latest data.


Refer on
If a patient needs a specific treatment, a good doctor will refer them on to a specialist in that area. If your prospect is in need of a service that is not your area of expertise, refer them on. And remember, who you refer them to also says a lot about your business.


Expertise and a professional manner all show your client that you are the right person to take advice from and your advice can be trusted.

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