Is it really important to be unique?

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60% of people won’t make a decision to work with you because they don’t see the difference between you and your competitors.

What makes you different, and how you use this to attract people to your business, is critical.

You are judged by:

1) Experience
People are reassured by your experience and are acutely assessing it from the start. Asking insightful questions encourages people to think in ways they’ve never thought before. Done properly, this will quickly showcase your level of familiarity with the subject in hand.

2) Expertise
Clients want to know you are the very best at what you do; proof of your education, who you’ve worked with and what you’ve achieved. They want to know you have wisdom built from years of specialised, solution-based thinking. You are expected to be across the latest research and in-line with the leading minds in your field.

3) Essence
Your essence is your character, values and personality. It is your fundamental ability to build rapport and only with rapport does selling become easy. Whilst your communication should always be professional, people are always to drawn to others who are open and friendly.


Without a clear and open display of who you really are, you will fail to give people a reason to work with you. Ensure your uniqueness is obvious.

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