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If your business is not growing and you never seem to have enough cash flow,
the NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive will change the course of your future.

OMG! I found my 'sales voice'

“WOW... Blown away is the only way to describe how I feel after training with Rachel and Col. I’m so excited to sell and I never thought I'd say that! Thanks Col and Rachel for opening my eyes to what sales should be.”

Karen Ferris - Organisational Change Rebel With a Cause, KarenFerris.com

Profound and Proven

“I can honestly say I have never been exposed to such a profound and proven sales system - what I found so powerful about it is that it never leaves a client or prospect feeling 'sold to' but rather helping them come to an informed decision why they would want to 'buy from you'. It is the most respectful approach to selling I've ever encountered. Whether you run your own business or work in a business, you deserve and owe it to yourself to learn about and adopt the SalesSPACE 10 Step Sales System.”.

Bernard Desmit – Leadership Coach, BernardDesmidt.com

A world-class workshop

“I've completed another great training program with Rachel & Col. These two are ultimate professionals and are experts in the selling space. I was wondering how 3 full days done virtually would go. However it was if I was in the room with them. I loved their attention to detail and the fact they understood attendees businesses and the best focus for them. This is a world-class workshop and I recommend anyone who is selling in some capacity (and aren't we well?) should get along to this.”.

Maree Burgess – Delegation Expert, MareeBurgess.com

Like it or not, sales form the cornerstone of a financially successful business. If you’re not selling to your full potential, your cornerstone is weak and you will be suffering financially.

We Guarantee Immediate Results

Participate in the SalesSPACE NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive training and we guarantee you’ll achieve a substantial increase in sales conversions.

At the NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive you’ll experience a very different approach to sales – learn the true art of influence, the science of decision-making, and the way to elegantly ‘lead’ not ‘force’ a sale.

At SalesSPACE our number one outcome is that you become masterful at sales without ever sounding salesy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are certain that you will benefit from your attendance in the NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive. However, if you attend and are not completely satisfied, please return any materials received in relation to the training and notify us by email within 2 days of the training. We will then refund the total amount you have paid.

NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive Inclusions

3 Day experiential sales training

$3,700 (inc GST)

2024 Dates

  • 2nd – 4th September 2024. 9am – 5pm AEST each day | Venue TBC

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Business partners and colleagues pay just $2700 plus GST – call SalesSPACE on 1300 SSPACE to book.

The SalesSPACE NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive training is a game-changer

The NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive training is a specialised and intensive three-day program designed for thought leaders, small business owners and ambitious professional service providers.

SalesSPACE’s unique approach applies neuroscience principles to the art of selling. We show you what clients are really thinking about you during a sales pitch, why they are hardwired to reject what’s on offer, and how to create a compelling presentation.

We guarantee you will leave the Intensive with a toolkit of invaluable skills including:

  • Your Key Sales Messages
  • Visual Models to prove your value
  • Full initial consultation system including all vital questions
  • Closing system
  • Sales Scripts and templates that cover everything from cold calling to follow up

Mindset Mastery

Have insight into your current psyche that will provide an immediate shift in your ability to influence.

Sell Confidently

Experience the joy you feel when you can speak with conviction and control your sales conversations.

Follow Up With Style

Experience a complete paradigm shift. Know what to say when following up and close sales that you normally leave on the table.

The Best New Way to Cover Objections

This upside-down approach to objections will make them the most powerful tool in your tool kit!

Create Opportunities

Be so memorable that even people who don’t need what you do will unconsciously become advocates, sending prospective clients your way.

Secure Referrals

Naturally and easily secure rave recommendations and testimonials from your clients.

Develop a Sales Experience

Learn the weekly system of sales to apply to your business to achieve a marked increase in revenue.

Easy peasy!

“Rachel is an absolute pro. Despite the fact that you’re in a small group environment she can make you feel like you have a personal coach all to yourself. It’s a must do for anyone who wants skills for life. I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned into practise. Love, Love, loved it – thank you!”

Zoe Routh – Inner Compass

The “new thing”

“Rachel is an absolute pro. Despite the fact that you’re in a small group environment she can make you feel like you have a personal coach all to yourself. It’s a must do for anyone who wants skills for life. I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned into practise. Love, Love, loved it – thank you!”

Sarah Jordan. Sales Director. Australian Writer’s Centre.

My income doubled!

“There is no question in my mind that I would not have reached my pre-pandemic success without Rachel and Col. In the two years we’ve worked together, my income has doubled! During the pandemic, they maintained their belief in me and were invested in my success. My income took a hit during COVID, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been without having Rachel and Col to call on for help.”

Donna McGeorge – Making Work Work

Sold out after 6 months

“Mind-blown! Rachel’s and Col’s 2.5 Day Sales Intensive was exactly what I needed, before I even realised that I needed it. The shift in my mindset around my ability to sell was so incredibly quick, easy and powerful that I almost feel like a different person! The insights they bring are clear and resonate so deeply. I felt like I was constantly nodding my head in agreement, understanding and true revelation. The sales system itself is thorough – for someone who was terrified of sales and follow up, I’m been provided the structure I craved to enable me to feel confident in having natural sales conversations that deliver awesome results. Within 6 months of using this system I was totally sold out with a 2 month waiting list!”

Nicole Vine – Personal Stylist

Your Expert Presenters

Rachel Bourke

Master Sales Trainer

Rachel Bourke is a Master Sales Trainer renowned for her practical, inspirational and no-nonsense style.

Rachel teaches professional and business owners that sales is a service and that confidence comes from clarity. Utilising the Neuroscience of Influence, an advanced application of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics and the SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach® Methodology, she attracts clients that are determined to achieve all-out business success.

With over 25 years’ experience as a business owner, Rachel knows what it takes to succeed.

Her client portfolio includes The NSW Business Chamber, leading small to medium enterprises, prominent thought leaders, speakers, influencers and business owners. Rachel worked internationally for several years teaching advanced skills of influence to senior executives of global banks such as The Royal Bank of Scotland and Morgan Stanley, the general manager of L’Oréal Paris and many more.

Colin Eggins

Sales Strategist

Colin Eggins is a Sales Strategist that has a mind for detail and is renowned for creating and implementing strategies that clients rave about.

Col’s ability to solve problems and determine areas of significant improvement with sometimes subtle changes or thinking outside the square is unsurpassed.

Col holds a Master of Business, is an excellent mathematician and obsessive researcher. He is the driving force behind the strategy that has seen phenomenal growth in SalesSPACE.

Throughout his career, Col has been instrumental to the success of hundreds of clients of all size, including 21 years at Southern Cross Austereo. From small businesses to large corporates such as Nick Scali Furniture, The Good Guys and the Greater Building Society. Col is determined to see business succeed.

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2nd – 4th September, 2024

Price: $3,700 (GST inclusive)

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