Nothing turns people off faster than feeling unimportant

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A person who feels insignificant in your presence will never buy from you. The way to demonstrate a client’s importance in a sales meeting is to be diligent with preparation.

This is the difference between yes and no.

Feelings of importance release the happy brain chemical serotonin, which in turn deactivates the threat response that arises when one feels insignificant and awkward. By being prepared in all aspects of your presentation, your message is clear “I want your business and I’m taking you and your results seriously”.


Use the four step R.A.T.E approach to prove your dedication and have clients wanting more:

  • R – do RESEARCH
  • A – capture ATTENTION
  • T – gain TRUST
  • E – elicit EMOTIONS and MOTIVES



Make time to research your client and their business so you are well informed. You need to know:

  • The names and positions of their key people
  • The company values and philosophy in business
  • The company vision and ambition level



Know your elevator pitch and deliver your message with clarity and confidence.

  • Hold the best intention for the outcome of the meeting, an honest yes or an honest no.
  • Create a powerful metaphor to paint a clear picture of exactly what you do.
  • Be confident – uncertainty is more contagious than the flu!



Set expectations. This is a highly effective way to gain trust.

  • State what it is like to work with you.
  • State what your product or service will deliver.
  • And finally, the really important one, state what you do NOT provide or deliver.



Uncover your clients’ values, frustrations, requirements, constraints and priorities to determine the suitability of your solution.

  • Follow a structured questioning process, not a fly by the seat of your pants journey of discovery.
  • Obtaining an emotional response is a necessity – not an option.


By remaining diligent and using the R.A.T.E approach for every sales meeting you will prove your credibility, reach your goals quickly and create constant raving fans of your business.

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