Online is not in-line with real connection

on November 28, 2016 Sales Success with 0 comments

Stop hiding behind your computer and speak with your clients.

We agree that digital communication and social media platforms allow for fast and easy communication with large audiences. But online is a faux relationship. Your audience is looking at you – but you don’t know who they really are. Or what they are really thinking.

Unless you are selling on-line products that people already know and trust, digital marketing does not take the place of human interaction; real rapport building and actual connection. There is nothing like being heard and having your questions answered.

We understand that people are busy and that purchase decisions are (apparently) 57% made prior to a client stepping into your show room (and that figure is seemingly on the rise).  Ask yourself why. Let us point out that self-serve checkout use is also on the rise. Does anyone prefer it?  No.  Is it easier?  No. Its use is increasing because the face-to-face service is being taken away from us.

As a society we are being conditioned to think that we can achieve most things without speaking to another human being. Is that truly the best way forward for you and your business?

If you spend as much time calling and seeing clients as you do scanning social media you will make more money. Real connection and interaction are basic level human needs.

Don’t stop your digital marketing and communication – it is a vital part of your mix but understand it is not a replacement for human connection.

To be a sales maker not an order taker pick up the phone and speak with your prospects. No matter how big on-line shopping has become, when questions need to be answered and rapport is required, people buy from people they trust.


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