Your Perfect Pitch

Your pitch is one of the most important tools in your business. Essentially, it is a sales message that does so much more than simply answers "what do you do?".

Pitch Generator

To captivate your audience, you must have a succinct, clear and compelling introduction. A well-structured and well-delivered pitch can take you deep into the YES Zone with your prospects. It will transform how you approach sales and make you rather hard to say no to.

Transform your pitch, connect with your prospect, and cause action. Use our unique SalesSPACE Pitch Generator below to drive this change – and your lead conversion.

Easy Peasy

Just to let you know my first call this morning was a sale. Followed the system perfectly – easy peasy! THANK YOU! I love you guys, I have never felt so supported.

Zoe Routh, Inner Compass

Frikkin' Awesome

You two are frikkin’ awesome! The ebb and flow between the sales strategies front and centre (Rachel) and the business strategist to the side (Col) makes for an incredibly valuable and dynamic learning environment. I loved being surrounded by other fabulous business owners and having the opportunity to get clear, honest, direct feedback from people who have no vested interest in me or my business… it was priceless. I feel so clear, confident and excited.

Suzy Jacobs, Finesque

Double the Income

The SalesSPACE Sales Intensive has given us the tools we have needed for sales that we never knew existed. We now have the skills and the structure to professionally advise potential customers as to the benefits for them to take on our services. The direct result: income this quarter is DOUBLE the previous quarter.

Stephen Tofler, CFO Professional

SalesSPACE Sales Training

Master the art of selling without ever sounding salesy. SalesSPACE sales training will transform your sales skills.

The Truth About
Lead Generation
Virtual Workshop


3 hours


Via Zoom
Digital workbook included



Million Dollar
Virtual Masterclass


1 Day
(plus approx.
1-2 hours pre-work)


Via Zoom
Digital workbook included

NeuroInfluence Sales
Virtual Training


3 Days
(plus approx. 6-7 hours
pre-training homework)


Via Zoom
Digital workbook included