Did you know your sales team have just a 10% chance of capturing the interest of a prospective client? That’s why it is essential their pitch hits exactly the right note.

Do you fear your staff don’t make the most of networking or other business building opportunities. Their lack of preparation leaves them simply turning up and talking with friends rather than leveraging their position and your company. Even those with the right intention often confess to being consumed with anxiety, worried about what to say when someone asks “what do you do”?

Having a pre-prepared answer to that question for any situation will turn things around completely. This one simple message will have them filled with clarity, confidence and conviction.

The SalesSPACE Perfect Your Pitch Workshop

The SalesSPACE Perfect Your Pitch Workshop is a thought provoking, interactive and outcome-driven session. We will show your team members how to confidently define and deliver a pitch that immediately captures attention.

Throughout this session they will:

  • Understand the power of their presence
  • Measure the impact they have on others
  • Identify your client’s greatest fears or problems
  • Convey the solutions that you offer
  • Articulate the benefits of your solutions
  • Create a compelling, succinct elevator pitch that will stop people in their tracks

Part 1 – Developing the pitch

This impactful workshop is designed to discover the core elements of your message. These elements will form the foundation of your unique pitch. Based on pre-session ‘homework’ you will brainstorm compelling ideas and define the direction of your message.

Part 2 – Delivering the pitch

Your message will then be role-played and in this extremely important session, through feedback & refinement, you will learn the power of your voice and how to optimally deliver your message. Upon completion of this session, you will have a clear, strong pitch, the confidence to deliver it, and knowledge that you are reaching your audience in a compelling and intuitive way.

SalesSPACE – Sales Mastery Options

Communication Mastery

Influence determines Income.

The ability to instinctively respond to physical and sensory cues will set your team apart; dramatically improving client satisfaction, retention, referrals and ultimately, your bottom line.

SalesSPACE delivers a bespoke communication mastery approach that will ensure your team can read, lead and influence others.

You will know your clients are being given impeccable attention, every time.

The way we communicate determines how we motivate.


Nothing makes people respond faster than feeling important.

Targeting makes this easy.

Targeting is the collation of the critical information that will attract your ideal clients – like bees to honey.

You may have a number a broad products or services that can be used by many different markets however for sales success, you segment narrowly and design messaging to suit.

Your resources are precious.

If you’re going to invest in sales and marketing, make sure it makes you money.

Visual Model Development

A picture says a thousand words.

Never underestimate the power of a visual model. The ability of a well-designed sales model to convey a complex message is astounding.

Take a client’s understanding of your offer from 20% to 100%.

The SalesSPACE model development framework is market leading.

Visual models strongly influence a buyer’s instinctual brain and highlight the contrast between you and your competitors.

Make your value proposition so strong that your price becomes irrelevant.

Million Dollar Messages

Waffle doesn’t work.

Unless you can pinpoint what makes your business a standout in a world of competitors, your sales efforts will fall horribly short.

The language of your business proves your unique selling point. It must be clear, memorable and compelling.

Create a library of powerful and potent messages, tailored to your business, for use in selling, marketing, advertising, email, conversation, websites – in fact, everywhere.

Your bumper sticker statements that will compel people to take action.

NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive

A benchmark sales approach not only reflects a company’s service offering, it defines it.

When every sale counts you must have full confidence in your sales team to provide the highest customer experience possible.

The SalesSPACE system for Seamless SalesTM ensures your clients leave every conversation feeling valued and empowered, leading to higher conversion and increased revenue.

SalesSPACE guarantees a very different approach to selling. A world-class framework designed for high value, contract sales.

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