Mastermind Retreats

SalesSpace Mastermind Retreats are an essential annual overhaul for business professionals and entrepreneurs who are serious about ongoing growth and who have high performance goals.

An invigorating mix of restoration, inspiration and education, the retreats draw on the combined business and personal experiences of the group as well as the knowledge of experts in a variety of fields.

The retreats will include:
•    keynote speakers
•    group training
•    personal growth assessments
•    peak performance workshops
•    holistic wellness coaching

Yoga, meditation and incredible food will all be available to sustain you over 72 hours of powerfully inspiring and challenging activities.

By the end of the retreat you will have created a 12 month high level plan that covers everything that affects your ability to perform at your peak potential including health, fitness, education and inspiration. You will also have created valuable new connections and formed ongoing, supportive friendships.

Open to anyone who has attended a 2 day intensive or Executive Coaching programme, this will be the most intensely rewarding 72 hours you will spend this year.

The SalesSpace Mastermind Retreats are highly sought after, register now for pre-release information on upcoming Mastermind events.

To register now for pre-release infomation: email or call Rachel Bourke on +61 449 093 740

Challenge your potential. Expand your reach. Optimise your results.