Silence your harshest critic forever!

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Words, the way you use them and the effect they have over others is at the centre of your ability to sell your product or service. Mastering language and communication is an essential part of creating rapport with others, and conveying messages and meaning.

But what about the way you speak to yourself – how does that effect who you are and how others relate to you?

Everyone has an internal voice, however what that voice is saying has a very powerful impact on mindset, the decisions you make and your actions.

Your internal dialogue can be debilitating and negative, making it almost impossible for you to perform at your full potential. Everybody has moments of self doubt, but how you talk yourself through these moments will determine how positive your mindset is.

To turn your inner critic into your very own positive reinforcer, try these techniques:

1. Flip the message
If you are hearing negative words, play a little mental game and flip the message around so it becomes positive.

2. Ask why
When you ask yourself why, your brain instantly starts to answer the question. So if you ask ‘why am I so bad at this task?” your brain runs off to find out exactly why you are. If you ask yourself ‘why is my business so successful?” your brain will start to find all the reasons why this might be – and in doing so, will help you create a successful business

3. Be the director
All the world is a stage – even your thoughts. Imagine your thoughts as actors on a stage – and you are the director.  You can put anyone you like on stage, and send off anyone who is not sticking to the script you want for yourself.

A positive, optimistic mindset is one of your most valuable  business skills, one that needs constant attention, observation and honing if you are to create the success you want in your business and your life.

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