Sales Leadership

Optimise your results

You are highly skilled, competent and professional. You deliver excellent results and your clients love you. But you find having to sell yourself and your services awkward and unappealing.

In this presentation Rachel Bourke outlines exactly what it takes to overcome your fears and lack of finesse in a sales situation.  You will learn the key steps to presenting yourself confidently one-on-one, and learn how easy it is to turn a conversation into an opportunity no matter what the context.

You will learn a new approach to presenting yourself based on these 3 key elements:

  • Develop a mindset that allows you to enjoy meeting others and introducing yourself because you feel relaxed and in control of what you say.
  • Understand how to articulate what you do in such a way that people think (and say) “I need that!”
  • Be so memorable that even if they don’t need what you do they will subconsciously become an advocate, sending prospective clients your way.


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The Art of  NeuroInfluence

Expand your reach

Uncover the art of moving others to action. Rachel Bourke will show you how to have a heightened awareness of your impact on others and what it takes to be someone who is admired respected and followed.

After this presentation you will know:

  • What it takes to be a person of influence.
  • The effect of your voice and body language, and how to use this for optimal impact.
  • How easy it is to stimulate and motivate growth in others, and how you may be subconsciously creating the reverse.
  • How to reveal your knowledge to others in a compelling way, rather than trying to impress and falling horribly short.


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Wired for Success

Maximise your brain, transform your performance

Unfortunately our brain doesn’t come with a users manual and many of us use our brains incorrectly causing burnout, ‘tired and wired’ syndrome, procrastination, addictive behaviours and bad decision making; not to mention the overwhelming feelings of negativity, self doubt and anxiety. In this presentation Rachel utilises the latest scientific research to make a huge difference to your effectiveness, efficiency, and prosperity.

The benefits of this presentation are:

  • You will learn how to feel in control, on purpose and achieve greater levels of happiness.
  • You will understand peak performance times for you brain.
  • You will know what your brain can and can’t do.
  • You will arrive at solutions faster and easier.
  • You will make better decisions.
  • You will know how to stop being de-railed by distractions.
  • You will understand how to maintain peak levels of performance.


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Why Women Suck at Sales

“Everyone lives by selling something” (Robert Louis Stevenson)

And every business thrives by selling well.  The reasons you started a business will differ from woman to woman, but very few of you would place ‘sales’ as one of your top reasons, or even list it as one of your top 5 skills. But sales success is what creates a profitable business.

Rachel Bourke from SalesSpace exposes the top 5 reasons why women suck at sales and presents a seven step process for phenomenally improving your sales skills and finding your voice as a sales leader.

You will learn:

  • How to personalise your message
  • Expose contrast
  • How to be succinct
  • Access the instinctual brain using metaphor
  • Trigger emotion
  • Prove your credibility
  • Keep it short


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