Get into the Yes! zone – positivity sells

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People buy from positive people.

Your ability to project confidence and positivity throughout every aspect of your business life is crucial if you are to be successful – especially in sales.

Three tips for igniting the right reaction:

Be Prepared:
Knowing there should be no surprises allows you to lead, rather than react.  This gives you an air of confidence, fills your brain with serotonin and allows you to focus on your client – giving them the essential feeling of ‘importance’.

Have Belief:
Truly believing that what you are doing in business is right for you, and for others, is transformational.  This sense of security releases dopamine and your observed calm assurance in turn allows those around you to feel secure; a crucial (and ancient) human need.

Build Trust:
In order to buy from you, your clients must trust you. By clearly and openly articulating what your offer is, and what your offer is NOT, you are empowering your client to make an honest decision, giving them a wave of oxytocin and promoting feelings of trust.

By leading with positive behaviour, you are able to draw those around you into the ‘yes zone’ and create the perfect buying environment.


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