Client Testimonials

Learning from Rachel and Col has changed how I feel about sales FOREVER. I love having sales conversations using the SalesSPACE system because I no longer feel “salesy”. Thanks to the 10 Step Sales System, I only sell to the right clients who love what I do. And they always say yes! SalesSPACE makes my work a dream.

Kath Walters

Book Coach, kathwalters.com.au

“WOW, what an intense, well thought out, mind-blowing workshop. I had the pleasure of not only attending one but four workshops with Rachel and Col and can I say they just kept surprising me in their delivery and approach along with educating me more and more on the sales approach and methodology that we can embed within Claim Central. Rachel had the power to shift the mindset of our teams from a “I do not do sales” to “I am a Buyer’s Coach® and proud of it” attitude. The SalesSPACE unique models and systems have been instrumental to our Global business. I highly recommend SalesSPACE training to any leader who needs to build confidence and skills within their teams to sell quickly. Thank you Rachel & Col for your consistent delivery and service.”

Kyrra Rawnsley

Training and Development Specialist, Claim Central Consolidated

The Million Dollar Messages Masterclass was incredibly valuable, informative, practical and fun! Rachel and Col are masters at extracting the value I provide to my clients and crafting sales messages that convert. Thank you for an exceptional day.

Pollyanna Lenkic

High Performance Culture Expert, Coach and Speaker, PollyannaLenkic.com

I’m so excited to be part of the SalesSPACE community. The Million Dollar Messages Masterclass was jam-packed full of great experiences and “ah-ha” moments to keep me busy for the next few months. Thank you, Rachel and Colin, for the best learning day ever!

Tabitha Leonard

NZ's Leading Organisational Growth Culture Expert , TabithaLeonard.com

There is no question in my mind that I would not have reached my pre-pandemic success without Rachel and Col. In the two years we’ve worked together, my income has doubled! During the pandemic, they maintained their belief in me and were invested in my success. My income took a hit during COVID, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been without having Rachel and Col to call on for help.

Donna McGeorge

Virtual Speaker, Online Trainer, Author and Mentor, DonnaMcGeorge.com

SalesSPACE Sales Training

Master the art of selling without ever sounding salesy. SalesSPACE sales training will transform your sales skills.

The Truth About
Lead Generation
Virtual Workshop


3 hours


Via Zoom
Digital workbook included



Million Dollar
Virtual Masterclass


1 Day
(plus approx.
1-2 hours pre-work)


Via Zoom
Digital workbook included

NeuroInfluence Sales
Virtual Training


3 Days
(plus approx. 6-7 hours
pre-training homework)


Via Zoom
Digital workbook included

Running my own leadership development practice, most of my time is spent thinking selling and delivering. In coming to how I think and deliver, I follow a systematic approach and methodology which I find works exceptionally well. What was missing was a ‘sales system’ – I can honestly say I have never been exposed to such a profound and proven sales system – what I found so powerful about it is that it never leaves a client or prospect feeling ‘sold to’ but rather helping them come to an informed decision why they would want to ‘buy from you’. It is the most respectful approach to selling I’ve ever encountered. Whether you run your own business or work in a business, you deserve and owe it to yourself to learn about and adopt the SalesSPACE 10 Step Sales System.

Bernard Desmidt

Leadership Coach, BernardDesmidt.com

I have spent quite a bit of time with Rachel and Col over the last few months. They are phenomenal and have helped me so much – even during the most difficult time imaginable as a thought leader. It was their pieces of wisdom that helped me convert good leads to good business. I would recommend SalesSPACE to anyone who has the energy and the optimism but needs a plan, process and powerful messages.

Anton van der Walt

Leadership and HR Expert, antonspeaks.com

A business without a strong pitch is like a boat without a rudder. Helping our clients create and maintain their digital presence during 2020 has created it’s own unique challenges for The Brilliant Content Agency so attending SalesSPACE’s Webcast series was exactly what we needed to help us refocus and concentrate on the best way to re-message for these times. Rachel and Col have a well deserved reputation for delivering clear, practical information and are ’next level’ sales experts. I cannot recommend this webcast series strongly enough to any business who is serious about adapting and thriving beyond 2020. Camille Blyth

Founder, The Brilliant Content Agency

OMG! What an experience. The sales intensive training provided by Rachel and Colin was more than just training. It was an immersive journey that led me to find my ‘sales voice’. I have been equipped with an approach that is the difference I have been looking for, for so long. Bravo SalesSPACE.

Karen Ferris

Organisational Change Rebel With a Cause, KarenFerris.com

I’ve completed another great training program with Rachel & Col. I thought it time to resit their 3-day SalesSPACE Intensive Sales training program – virtually this time. These two are ultimate professionals and are experts in the selling space. I was wondering how 3 full days done virtually would go. However it was if I was in the room with them. The time flew and the learnings were amazing. I loved their attention to detail and the fact they understood attendees businesses and the best focus for them. This is a world-class workshop and I recommend anyone who is selling in some capacity (and aren’t we well?) should get along to this.

Maree Burgess

Delegation Expert, MareeBurgess.com

I want to thank you for this extraordinary program. If I received nothing else from you for the next year I feel I have well and truly got my money’s worth. (2 months into mentoring)

Alessandra Edwards

CEO, Performance Genome, AlessandraEdwards.com

I have attended many different sales training courses over the last 20 years and having seen Rachel in action recently can honestly say that she is one of the most committed, knowledgeable and passionate trainers in the field of sales training. Committed because she knows it works, knowledgeable because she has done it, and passionate because she lives and breathes it.

Charlie Pidcock

Charlie Pidcock Pty Ltd

I had my best year ever in business. I have increased my income by 68%, been able to serve more clients, and change more lives. I’m feeling in control of the sales conversation for the first time – that was a game changer for me.

John Drury

John Drury Business Mentor

I can honestly say that Rachel and Col are the very best at what they do. An amazingly talented team! I was pushed way outside of my comfort zone. I believe I have managed to download over 20 years of ex-pertise and knowledge into two and a half days. I loved every minute of the training. If you are a business owner wanting to take your business to the next level, I could not recommend this training more highly.

Corey Marsland

TrustUs NZ

Rachel and Col’s understanding of the neuroscience of decision making is eye-opening, but their system for leveraging that knowledge and creating a system that feels natural and invisible is profound.

Mo MacRae

Film Director – MoMacRae.com

The changes I have made in my business through mentoring are life changing. I now have a confidence about my work I have never had before. Within 6 months I have almost tripled my revenue.

Jachline Pedersen-Rouse


Over the last 6 months I have learnt so much and achieved significant revenue growth. We have gained incredible clarity around our sales messaging and how to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. The SalesSPACE clear structure for collateral development has enabled us to provide clients with highly compelling information. If you are looking to work with two people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves, think lightning fast on their feet and help you get big business results, Rachel and Col are the real deal! I Highly Recommend.

Kaylene Grieve

Sales, SEO and Social Media

The sales system is just phenomenal! It has given me the confidence to go into sales meetings knowing exactly what to do, instead of boring my prospects to death.I have put this system into action across the last 10 months and are reaping the benefits. It’s made a huge difference to my business.

Joanne Love

Director, Proactive Performance Australia

Mind-blown! Rachel’s and Col’s 2.5 Day Sales Intensive was exactly what I needed, before I even realized that I needed it. The shift in my mindset around my ability to sell was so incredibly quick, easy and powerful that I almost feel like a different person! The insights they bring are clear and resonate so deeply. I felt like I was constantly nodding my head in agreement, understanding and true revelation. The sales system itself is thorough – for someone who was terrified of sales and follow up, I’m been provided the structure I craved to enable me to feel confident in having natural sales conversations that deliver awesome results. Within 6 months of using this system I was totally sold out with a 2 month waiting list!

Nicole Vine

Personal Stylist

You two are frikkin’ awesome! The ebb and flow between the sales strategies front and centre (Rachel) and the business strategist to the side (Col) makes for an incredibly valuable and dynamic learning environment. I loved being surrounded by other fabulous business owners and having the opportunity to get clear, honest, direct feedback from people who have no vested interest in me or my business… it was priceless. I feel so clear, confident and excited.

Suzy Jacobs


The SalesSPACE Sales Intensive has given us the tools we have needed for sales that we never knew exist-ed. We now have the skills and the structure to professionally advise potential customers as to the benefits for them to take on our services. The direct result: income this quarter is DOUBLE the previous quarter.

Stephen Tofler

CFO Professional

The SalesSPACE Intensive is a challenging, thought-provoking, confidence building course. The materials enable you to think methodically about sales, the coaching, from Rachel and Col enable you to under-stand the essential skills and the practice enables you to learn and embed key aspects. I would recommend this course to any business owner or leader who needs to be able to have the skills and confidence to sell and build their client base.

Robert Crowe

Leading for Purpose

This financial year, I increased my invoice sales by more than 38% on last year. From $606k to $841k. I’m very happy about that!

Deanna McMath

Nine Design & Print

Across the 12 months it was the accountability mentoring that made the biggest difference I tripled my revenue! (added $480K to the bottom line)

Michelle Loch

Rewired Leadership

Since joining SalesSPACE last October my business has grown by 140% – more than doubled my revenue in 9 months.

Peter Foster

Financial Strategic Insights

The SalesSPACE unique models and systems have been instrumental in growing my monthly turnover by over 53% across the last 6 months.

Sally Prowse

Sandcastle Finance

Rachel Bourke – WOW! I have been taken out of my comfort zone but brought back in an amazing way! Now I am thinking on a whole different level on how to communicate with my clients!

Narelle Redman

Silveradoh Promotional Products

I have not missed a single new client since my training! The SalesSPACE Team are experts at helping you fine-tune your messages to clients, structure your meetings to maximise your success and coach you to be fabulous. The training is ideal for busy, time poor professionals.

Joanna Ryan

Lumix Wealth

I was sceptical this training would work for me and was thinking “I hope I don’t waste my money”. By day 2 I knew it was the best course I have ever done.  The SalesSPACE system helped me break my mental block about my bad sales skills.

Grace Wong

Founder. Connect Mobile Apps.

I feel like I’ve gone from sales being a magical ‘winging it’ process, to an intentional and repeatable process. The guesswork has been removed from sales, which is the lifeblood of any business. Ending with actionable sales structure to implement took the experience from inspiring and theoretical to tangible and practical. Rachel and Col were artful, clear and supportive.

Amon Woulfe

Managing Director, Collective Mind.

Loved the program. Great structure. Do the pre-work and go for it! Well worth the time and money.

Christian Harper

Founder, Meta People

Wow! Awesome, practical training that I can’t wait to implement. I’m promoting myself to fulltime ‘Sales Director’ within my business so I can be a full-time Buyer’s Coach. Best training I have done!

Tamara Hatton-Ward

Director and Founder, Pinstripe Recruitment

Rachel and Col, you delivered a highly professional, educational and engaging sales training. I have worked in sales for over 20 years, but you have opened my eyes to many new and impressive sales techniques and client engagement strategies. A great course delivered by an amazing and personable team! Thank you.

Vanessa Gorman

ponsorship, Membership and Events Manager, Shirewomen

Rachel is a brilliant presenter, speaker and trainer – her SalesSPACE program was an experience of insight, motivation and inspiration. Her knowledge of buyer behaviour, her sales structure and tips, techniques and hacks were brilliant. I’d highly recommend working with Rachel to build better systems and structures in your business and how you engage and interact with your clients – current and future.

Lynne Cazaly

Keynote Speaker & 6 x Author

Coming from a food manufacturing business focused on bottom line and efficiencies, I was very reluctant on the value of this sales course. I came with the impression sales training only applies to corporate professionals. It was refreshing to see how structured and applicable the SalesSPACE system is and I am so excited to apply to my business. My brother and I have both completed the course and I highly recommend it to all business owners looking to smash their business dreams. This training will change the way our business does sales forever.

Jeremy Ho

Director, Hong Kong Dim Sim Kitchen

So many things I’ve learned. Rachel and Colin were engaging, clear, inspiring and compelling. Sales has been demystified and made actionable.  The other participants added so much and the sessions were a great mix. I wish I’d heard of this 20 years ago!

Cathy Burke

Author, Speaker and Global Change Maker

Wow! What an incredible 2.5 days. Rachel and Col delivered a value-packed Intensive that changed the way I think about sales completely. I’ve been winging it for years but knew I needed a structure and process to grow my revenue. Rachel and Col have given me that and I can’t wait to put my learnings into practice. Thank you!

Leah Mether

Founder & Director, Leah Mether

The sales intensive was the most welcomed kick in the butt my business has had to date. It’s a gift to be forced to examine your existing system and perhaps more importantly, why and how your prospective clients are being underserved in your sales process whether you’re aware of it or not. What Rachel and Col teach, combined with their highly pragmatic and formulaic approach, is simple but punch-in-the-face powerful. And not something you’re likely to easily come to on your own.

Katrina Ferguson

Lifestyle Photographer

As a business owner there’s nothing more important than growing what you have built, it’s your baby and you are proud of it. This amazing game changer workshop made me believe I can do it. You must attend this course!

Ramtin Sohrabian

Noble CX, Salesforce Solution Architect

Rachel and Col are the “the new thing” in teaching the art and science of sales. I was thoroughly impressed by their ability to wordsmith, think strategically and add value to businesses big and small. I would highly recommend SalesSPACE for any business owner looking to substantially enhance their sales performance.

Tommy Lim

Managing Director, SF Capital

Thanks Rachel and Colin for a completely eye-opening experience. The advice was practical with lots of examples, insights and a hands-on approach. I really appreciated it.

James Riley

Editorial director, InnovationAus.com

A thoroughly thought-provoking workshop that has open my eyes on how to script messages to attract the right client.

Brad Lynch

Managing Director, Macnair Pty Ltd

Million Dollar Messages helped me focus my thinking on creating sales messages. I now have a mental framework to create sales messages indefinitely. The most unique learning was focusing on the customer and their challenges, rather than on our own qualities. Would highly recommend this workshop for all business owners.

Jason Ho

Owner, Hong Kong Dim Sim Kitchen

This workshop provides clarity. A step-by-step method that works, regardless of your industry. Rachel and Col break down the maze of sales messaging into clear frameworks. I will certainly highly recommend this training to any business owner wanting to attract the right leads to their business.

Mary Sunarho

Creative Director, Connect Mobile Apps

Rachel is a passionate presenter, whose extensive sales expertise and practical application of the Neuroscience of Influence, equipped our team with a toolset to build on sales success and growth. All this, combined with Col’s business strategy insights made for an invaluable learning experience and our team have already begun to reap the rewards of concise and practical sales strategies.

Renee Pryor

National Sales & Tender Manager, Shred-X Pty Ltd

We have won three new clients over last two months using the SalesSPACE sales system – SalesSPACE has taken us to a whole new level in selling and marketing what we do.

Lara Calder

Calder Flower Architects

Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone and into the modern era of sales

Jackie Wright


The SalesSPACE team have shown us the light we could not find in our sales process. We have been struggling to find a system that could both mentor our team as well as hold them accountable. After intense coaching we have come up with a model that we are both confident and excited to put into action. I highly recommend this program

Phillip Behr


SalesSPACE’s expertise more than delivered the results we set out to achieve. Their perception and ability to understand our business, shifted our perspective and provided us with a new direction. We have now produced and documented a new sales model based on scientific research. This is one of the best investments we’ve made. Thank you.

Jasmin Romic

Co-founder and CEO

In just 6 weeks Rachel was able to achieve the evolution I had been trying to make in my practice and professional life for years. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Nick Tobias

Founding Principal

I love “aha!” moments. I spent an hour-and-a-half with Rachel and had several of those “lightbulb” moments. It was an invaluable learning experience. Whatever your level of sales experience, Rachel will give you profound insights and very specific tools to take your sales success to a whole new level.

Tim Burns

NSW State Master Franchisee

Our goal was to develop a consistent approach when connecting with our prospective patients – after the training we certainly have that! We now know how to be clear and direct, listen for key words, and ask the right questions to evoke strong emotions. Fantastic, energetic, engaging training. Thank you!

Amber Moncrieff


The best trainers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Simply awesome. Thank you!

Sue Neilsen

General Manager

I just had sales training with SalesSPACE and my level of belief in myself has transformed. The techniques they implemented within the course were fantastic. So much professionalism and structure. This is not just another sales course – it was so different from all the others I have attended.  This will definitely make an impact in our company. Thank you so much for all your help.

Natalia Simonovic

Business Development Manager, Whale Logistics (Australia) Pty Ltd

Rachel’s distinction on crafting your elevator pitch and being irresistible when speaking to prospective clients, promoters, and JV partners are unparalleled.

Dr. Joanna Martin

International Speaker

I now see sales from a different point of view and the value of effective communication. I know I can now sell more and increase the revenue of the business. If you love to sell, you should learn the right (or better) way to excel at it. That’s why sales professionals should train with SalesSPACE.

Arisa Shakya

Rachel is an absolute pro. Despite the fact that you’re in a small group environment she can make you feel like you have a personal coach all to yourself. It’s a must do for anyone who wants skills for life. I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned into practise. Love, Love, loved it – thank you!

Sarah Jordan

Sales Director, Australian Writer's Centre

I would thoroughly recommend this course to any professionals that want to improve their way of selling. I love the Sales Success System as it has provided me with a structured approach to sales. I love Rachel’s passion and ability to present. She commands attention and teaches you to do the same. I can’t wait to implement this structure.

Ryan Paterson