The trout fishers’ guide to superior sales

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Sales are a lot like fishing. You can roar out of the marina in a big flash boat with all the bells and whistles, and head to the open waters, a churning wake behind you.  You can throw an enormous net into the ocean and pull in a massive haul.

But what if you want to land a particular fish?

Fishing for trout requires an entirely different mindset altogether. Location is selected with care, research is involved when deciding which delicate fly will be most suited to the sub-species of fish you want to entice onto your hook.

An expert fly fisher can land a fish with a single cast.

But behind the graceful arc of delicate fishing line is a powerful combination of elements.

You know your time will come. There is no need to rush, and any sudden moves will send a trout to the bottom of the pond before you’ve finished making your mistake.

Sensitivity to your environment is essential. Who else is in the area, what are they doing? Are there market forces cooling or warming the air? What is your fish responding to, moving away from? Deep understanding of the environment will give you opportunities and warning signs to heed.

Fishing can be a delicate balance of moving forward and moving back. There is no room for pride, ego or grandstanding. Hold your own space and leave others to hold their own.

Respect what you are doing and offer only what is right. Greed will bring you down as fast as underselling will.

Personal belief
You are centred within yourself. You observe and act according to your purpose. You know that reaction means certain failure and you stay true to your belief.

High value clients demand respect, patience and a confident dedication to finding and articulating the right message. They are a premium catch because they expect premium service.

Do you have what it takes?

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