Creating your IP is one thing, selling your IP is another. The truth is, regardless of how hard you work, the quantity of content you write or the prospects you reach out to, a stable and sustainable practice depends on your ability to sell – in fact, your IP is worthless unless someone buys it.

It’s not enough to simply know something. You must know how to sell it.

Where Do I Start?

Your Sales Success Kit

Selling can be tough.

You know the drill: you feel nervous and your brain feels like it has shut down. Your prospect’s eyes glaze over…

It’s time to change.

Build an essential toolbox of sales techniques grounded in science.

Your Sales Success Kit is a unique online training that will teach you how to halve the time to double your sales.

The Truth About Lead Generation

Targeting ensures we attract the ideal client.

Done correctly, it compels prospects to respond.

Your resources are precious. If you’re going to invest in marketing, you must make sure it makes you money.

Million Dollar Messages

Leads are important, and every dollar counts, so everything you say must have a purpose.

The way you speak, whether written or verbal, positions you and your brand.

When you clearly articulate what makes your business unique, your ability to elegantly lead clients to a sale, without sounding salesy, will be transformed.

NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive

Like it or not, sales form the cornerstone of a financially successful business.

If you’re not selling to your full potential, your cornerstone is weak and you will be suffering financially.

Learn the true art of influence, the science of decision-making, and the way to elegantly ‘lead’ not ‘force’ a sale.

Become masterful at sales without ever sounding salesy.

Your Influence Determines Your Income

Ask yourself these questions…
Are you happy with your current revenue?
Is it hard work juggling time to think, sell and deliver?
What yearly revenue are you determined to achieve?
Do you know what it takes to maintain that income level?

Stop having ‘good conversations’ that go nowhere. Learn how to have great conversations that convert.

For all Thought Leaders, knowing how to positively influence clients in a sales conversation is critical.

The four secrets to sales success are:

    • CAPTURE ATTENTION: Capture a client’s attention with an elevator pitch that succinctly answers the question: “what do you do?” and explain your offer with a metaphor that is direct, appropriate and purposeful.
    • GAIN TRUST: Set expectations, cover off objections and get the elephant out of your sales conversation from the start. Build trust by asking permission before continuing your sales conversation.
    • ELICIT MOTIVES: Ask the trademarked Buyer’s Coach® questions to elicit your client’s values, emotions and frustrations and support your message with your credibility and guarantees.
    • DEMONSTRATE SOLUTIONS: Offer a solution that talks to their values. Close the deal with gratitude, and deliver the product or service you are renowned for.

Sales Excellence Model

Commit Do Decide Identify Declare Deliver Action Purpose Structure Strategy Strength


Mindset or mental strength is the starting point in all sales success.  When sales conversations are conducted in the YES Zone, prospects will naturally move into you.


Mental strength (your mindset) is one of the biggest differences between success and failure.  No matter what your speciality your ability to turn up mentally prepared is fundamental… In sales we refer to this as being an order taker or a sales maker.  Do you and your sales team come to work every day living for sales?

This is the Yes Zone

“Neuroscience shows negative thoughts and patterns are from a network region of the brain called the default mode network (DMN). The network is automatically engaged when the mind is left to wander without focus or intention.”

Keeping your mind focused is a matter of discipline and training.


A proven sales system provides a framework that you can rely on.  It must be repeatable and be developed to take your clients on an emotional journey.


A proven sales system provides a framework that you can rely on. It must be repeatable. It must take your clients on a heightened emotional journey.

A benchmark sales approach not only reflects a company’s service offering, it defines it.  Astute businesses recognise that their clients’ first personal impression is often delivered by Sales.

The SalesSPACE system for Seamless SalesTM ensures your customers leave every conversation feeling valued and empowered – leading to higher conversion and increased revenue.


True sales success is only achieved through implementation.  Your sales Strategy must guarantee action to build sales momentum and achieve results.


Be Deliberate; you can’t afford to be ad-hoc when selling. Once you have developed a sales system you must design a strategy that will guarantee action and results.

Business cannot grow without a clearly defined Sales Strategy – it’s that simple.  You can market your products all you like but without a sales strategy you are an order taker – a business that relies on market demand or sheer luck to trade well.  All seems good while the economy is strong but when the market softens your lack of strategy will find you wanting.

On the other hand a business with a strong Sales Strategy is a Sales Maker.  In good times there may not seem a whole lot of difference but when the market turns and leads dry up, it’s Sales Makers with their defined strategy that make the most of every opportunity and fare very well.

Our Partners in Excellence

Collaboration creates confidence.

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“Last year, through Covid, I achieved the best sales year ever!”

Repa Patel

Leading Mindfully
Bestselling Author, Mindful Leadership Expert and Non Executive Director

Donna McGeorge

The Productivity Coach

“In the calendar year I was working with them, my income doubled.”

“I have been working with Rachel and Col at SalesSPACE for 2 years (2019 and 2020), one of which was during the global pandemic. There is no question in my mind that I would not have been able to reach my pre-pandemic success without their input. Both at a practical level and an emotional support level. In the calendar year I was working with them, my income doubled.

During the pandemic, they maintained their belief in me and I felt like they had my back and were invested in my success. Like many people I took a hit on my income, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been without having someone to call on for help.

I have no hesitation in recommending SalesSPACE to anyone. “

Bernard Desmidt

Leadership Coach

“Since completing the SalesSPACE program, I have had record sales over the December 2021 – January 2022 period!”

“I have never been exposed to such a profound and proven sales system. It is the most respectful approach to selling I’ve ever encountered.
But the proof is in the eating…
Since completing the SalesSPACE program, I have had record sales over the December 2021 – January 2022 period!”

Amanda Blesing

The She-Suite Club

“They’ve totally revitalised the way I do business. “

“I started work with SalesSPACE three years ago. Best decision ever! While they are world class at sales, they are also simply stand out when it comes to building a practice that actually works. I simply can’t operate without them now. They’ve totally revitalised the way I do business. “

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