What you need to do if your client baulks

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You tick all the boxes but your client hesitates.
What will YOU do?  Step up or step out?

You know the feeling. Your presentation has gone off without a hitch. The client has given every signal that they want your offer – but suddenly the flow of the transaction is halted.

The decision making process is like show jumping. A successful team of horse and rider will complete a clear round but a rider who is not 100% committed to the course will find his mount refusing to jump or trying to duck out.

Imagine each successful jump is a tick – confirmation that your prospect is still with you, trusting you to lead them onto the next stage.

Credibility – tick
Experience – tick
Professionalism – tick
Expertise – tick
Right solution – tick
Value – tick tick tick
Buy – X

But what if your round is clear until the last hurdle and they baulk at the ‘Buy’ jump?  This can be the hardest of all objections.  After all you have ticked all the boxes….

It is now you must decide to either recommit to the sale – come back around, ride with full conviction and reattempt the buy hurdle; or just give up and go home.

Before you make that decision, ask yourself these four questions:

1)    Do I want to work with this client?
2)    Do I think my product is the best solution?
3)    Do I think this is the right time for them?
4)    Do I believe they will be better off after the purchase?

If your answer is “yes” to all four then recommit to the sale.  It will be daunting, in fact terrifying to some and they will opt out, running scared – but remember, nerves are the feeling of opportunity.  Make this sale and your dopamine will surge heightening your reward – great sales people live for this feeling.

The questions you have just asked yourself are specifically designed to confirm your belief that this sale is in the best interest of your client – that they will be better off after the purchase.

Use this belief to reset your confidence and increase your conviction.  Most of all maintain congruence with your offer.

Trust your sales system, recommit and lead your client gracefully over this final hurdle.

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