Meet Rachel Bourke
and Colin Eggins

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle.

Yes – we’re married!
And we love working together.

Hello! We are Rachel Bourke and Colin Eggins, founders of SalesSPACE. Two individuals with a passion for achievement and an incredible eye for detail. We help thought leaders, small business owners and professional service providers overcome the fears and obstacles that stop them making a lot of money in business.

Rachel Bourke

For bankable sales success it is critical to engage a Master Sales Trainer. One that understands sales is a service and that confidence comes from clarity.

With over 25 years’ experience as a business owner, Rachel knows what it takes to succeed. Like you, she knows the tough decisions, exciting highs and the financial pressures.

Winging it in sales simply won’t cut it, there is a structure that works. You must know exactly what to say and when to say it.

Rachel is renowned for her practical, inspirational and no-nonsense style. Utilising the Neuroscience of Influence, an advanced application of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics and the SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach® Methodology, she continues to attract clients that are determined to be best.

Her client portfolio includes The NSW Business Chamber, leading small to medium enterprises, prominent influencers, trainers and educators. Rachel worked internationally for several years teaching advanced skills of influence to senior executives of global banks such as The Royal Bank of Scotland and Morgan Stanley, the general manager of L’Oréal Paris and many more.

Colin Eggins

When dollars make the difference, it’s imperative to work with a strategist that has a mind for detail.

Colin Eggins has extensive experience and expertise in sales, strategy, media advertising, and management. After a rewarding 21 years at Southern Cross Austereo, that started in IT and culminated in managing their largest regional TV business unit in Australia, he now devotes his time entirely to the growth and success of SalesSPACE clients.

Clients rave about his ability to solve problems and determine areas of significant improvement with sometimes subtle changes or thinking outside the square.  A product of his unique career mix that sets him apart from other Sales Strategists.

Col holds a Master of Business, is a brilliant mathematician and obsessive researcher. He achieved salesman of the year at Telecasters Australia Limited (beating almost 200 others for the title) and more importantly has been the driving force behind the strategy that has seen phenomenal growth in SalesSPACE.

Throughout his career, Col has been instrumental to the success of hundreds of clients of all size. From small businesses to large corporates such as Nick Scali Furniture, The Good Guys and the Greater Building Society. Col is determined to see business succeed.

SalesSPACE Sales Training

Master the art of selling without ever sounding salesy. SalesSPACE sales training will transform your sales skills.

The Truth About
Lead Generation
Virtual Workshop


3 hours


Via Zoom
Digital workbook included



Million Dollar
Virtual Masterclass


1 Day
(plus approx.
1-2 hours pre-work)


Via Zoom
Digital workbook included

NeuroInfluence Sales
Virtual Training


3 Days
(plus approx. 6-7 hours
pre-training homework)


Via Zoom
Digital workbook included

Every year SalesSPACE continues to grow. We think, analyse, strategise, and commit in the same manner we teach our clients to.

We believe in showing the way and proving what’s possible. Being known for what you do; not for what you say.

Excitingly, we continue to attract clients who are determined to be the best.

Staying fit, laughing a lot and travelling to the most spectacular places on earth is high on the agenda, and family is at the core of everything we do. Our love of nature, adrenaline, and interesting people keeps us inspired.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

Let’s create incredible sales results in your business.

We promise you – you’ll love working with us.

Committed, Knowledgeable & Passionate

I have attended many different sales training courses over the last 20 years and having seen Rachel in action recently can honestly say that she is one of the most committed, knowledgeable and passionate trainers in the field of sales training. Committed because she knows it works, knowledgeable because she has done it, and passionate because she lives and breathes it.

Charlie Pidcock, Charlie Pidcock Pty Ltd

Eye-Opening & Profound

Rachel and Col’s understanding of the neuroscience of decision making is eye-opening, but their system for leveraging that knowledge and creating a system that feels natural and invisible is profound.

Mo MacRae, Film Director – MoMacRae.com