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Achieve spectacular results and relish in improved confidence and true clarity

Nothing worth having is ever achieved without hard work, focus and dedication. But these factors alone are not enough; you must first create a solid foundation through great preparation.

Preparation is the key to success in any venture. In fact, great preparation is the major distinction between those who achieve exceptional success in business, and those who don’t.

The foundations of any impressive structure are its single most important quality.

Your Sales Success Kit is a unique on-line training that will have you primed for any sales situation. Rachel Bourke, founder of SalesSPACE, will personally guide you through the training, and you are guaranteed results.
Rachel will show you how to develop your own essential toolbox so you are always prepared for any sales conversation - whether that be casual networking with peers or a proposal to a board of directors. During this training you will obtain the necessary skills to completely remove hesitancy from your sales pitch and forever speak with confidence and conviction.

Rachel’s clients achieve spectacular results. Some have attained 100% revenue growth year on year. She has worked with senior executives, partners in leading law firms, top business advisors, accountants, world-class trainers and educators, and award-winning business owners. Whatever your field or profession, be prepared to excel.

Your Sales Success Kit is especially tailored to small business owners, entrepreneurs, service professionals, fundraisers and sales teams. It will give you real and actionable answers to many of the questions you have had for years.

Questions You will have answered include:
1. What is the most effective way to strengthen my ability to attract new business?

2. What determines whether a person will buy from me or not?

3. How do I create lucrative opportunities with people I meet, no matter what the context?

4. What are the Top 10 ways to create raving fans and endless referrals?

5. Am I utilising the best sales system available to me?

6. What are the essential skills to master to be irresistibly good at one-to-one or one-to-many sales?

You will Gain Confidence And Clarity

The decision-making part of our brain switches off when it’s confronted by someone who is nervous, confused or underprepared. That means unless you are fully primed before each and every sales conversation your audience has switched off before you’ve begun.
But, there is nothing more compelling to the human brain than someone who can articulate their offering with confidence and clarity, which can only be achieved through planning, practice and the mastering of a polished performance.
Your Sales Success Kit will give you the skills to achieve that level of planning, practice and polish. It combines the latest neuroscience and psychology research with Rachel’s own proven sales system. This unique system has produced exceptional results in her businesses for more than two decades.

Lifetime Access To Online Course Content
This training is a game-changer, with video, audio and written content delivered through an online portal. You will receive a personal login and will be able to access this six-module training 24 hours a day, seven days a week for life

You now have your chance to combat the number 1 sales challenge of almost all small business owners, entrepreneurs, service professionals, fundraisers and sales teams and marvel at how easy it is to remove the issues that have been crippling your sales.

Your Sales Success Kit combines the latest research from neuroscience and psychology with my very own proven system that has worked brilliantly in my businesses for over 20 years.

What's Included?

  • 24/7 lifetime access to our special members area
  • 6-Part Video Series that you can watch online at your own pace and review again and again
  • Training workbooks (both printable and editable versions)
  • Presentation Slides to print out so you can make your own notes