Learn how to combine the science of the brain with the art of influence to streamline your sales process

Ever wondered why people who need your product or service don’t buy from you? Harness NeuroInfluence and your bank balance will reward you.

How to Influence People and Make Stress-Free Sales, written by SalesSPACE Founder and Master Trainer Rachel Bourke, will teach you how to:


  • Affect people emotionally to guide and motivate their decisions
  • Be so attractive to potential clients they like you before you even try to sell them your product
  • Genuinely help people solve a problem and never come across as “salesy”
  • Harness the SCARF model developed by Dr. David Rock, Neuroleadership Institute CEO, to devise strategies that will make clients fall in love with you.

Rachel’s understanding of the neuroscience of decision making is eye-opening, but her system for leveraging that knowledge and creating a system that feels natural and invisible is profound.

Mo MacRae – Film Director – momacrae.com

Attending the Sales Intensive has given me a systematic approach, feedback, business ideas and support. I learnt the neuroscience behind sales interactions, how to build rapport and the right questions to ask. My confidence has increased, and my eyes have been opened.

Maria Lizunova – Lizunova Fine Jewels

As a business, we loved how easy the obvious lessons can be incorporated into building our business. We loved the science and psychological behaviours we never knew about. Thanks.

Vester Campion – Client Services Manager – Impact AV