10 Ways To Increase Credibility With Prospects

No one will buy from you unless you prove your credibility.

How do you gain the confidence and respect of your prospects? You must prove your value.

If you’re a passionate business owner or service professional, believe it or not, you hold a significant advantage! Your position and expertise will immediately afford you a level of credibility. But is that enough?

If you’re selling a $20k mentoring program, your expertise will only get you so far. In today’s highly competitive business world, prospects demand proof of your ability to deliver what you promise.

The Perceived Value Equation

You’ll make a sale when the perceived value is positive or the reward outweighs the risk. It’s a simple equation.

Perceived Value = Reward less risk

Consider this.

A concreter turns up to your home to quote on a new driveway.

The first guy arrives in a dodgy van with a brake light that doesn’t work and holes in his old tracksuit pants. He takes a look at your job and blurts out a price. It’s cheap.

The second guy arrives in a clean sign written truck, steps out in uniform and proceeds to discuss your requirements whilst taking notes. Later that day, he emails you a professional quote that is 10% higher than the verbal quote given by the first guy.

Would you choose the lowest price or the tradesman with the highest credibility?

When you value more than just the lowest price, you will choose the second guy. Through his presentation and follow up, the second concreter amplified your perceived reward. He also significantly reduced your risk!

The Raw Value Equation

If you’re after hard numbers, use this equation:

Benefit less Cost = Value

Let’s say you choose to train with SalesSPACE. An investment in our flagship 3-Day NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive is $3,700. The other assumptions are:

• Your 1-day program cost is $5,000
• You hold ten sales conversations per month with highly qualified leads
• You currently convert 2 out of 10 leads, bringing your monthly revenue to $10,000

You decide to invest $3,700 and participate in the NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive. Now that you have a proven and repeatable 10-step sales system, you’re converting seven out of 10 leads per month. Your revenue is now $70,000.

Here is the calculation:

Benefit: $70,000 less $10,000 = $60,000
Cost: $3,700

Therefore, $60,000 – $3700 = $56,300 value

For a raw investment of $3,700, your sales have increased by more than $50k per month. Now that’s value!

10 Methods To Prove Your Credibility

When the stakes are high, proving your credibility is critical. There are 10 strategies you can implement to enhance your credibility, demonstrate your value and impress your future clients.

1. Third-party reviews on a website

According to a 2020 survey by BrightLocal, 85 per cent of consumers trust review websites as much as personal recommendations.

Where do you research your next holiday? Trip Advisor. What if you’re in the market for a new washing machine? Choice.com.au.

Find a platform that fits with your niche and actively encourage your clients to write glowing reviews for you!

2. Client testimonials that rave about their experience with you

If you don’t have testimonials on your website, why not?

The first point of call for future clients researching you is your online presence. You must include testimonials on your website and actively ask for LinkedIn recommendations.

Ensure that the testimonials and recommendations you use in your sales conversations and collateral answer the question: Would I do business with me?

3. In-depth case studies that show evidence of your work and your results

A case study that includes hard statistics and describes, in detail, the journey and transformation a customer experiences by working with you is a powerful credibility piece.

Through storytelling, case studies showcase your buyer’s journey and demonstrate how you help fulfil their needs. A well-written case study will make your brand much more relatable.

4. Industry awards and accolades

Whether it’s the local small business awards or being named Business Author Of The Year, awards and accolades are potent additions to your credibility toolkit. Actively enter your business in awards that your clients highly regard.

5. Statistics

There is nothing more powerful than factual data. Consider these statements:
• Purpose based salespeople (SalesSPACE clients) outperform revenue-driven salespeople by 35 per cent
• I have increased my income by 68%
• Within six months, I have almost tripled my revenue

6. Referees who are willing to speak to prospects on your behalf

Do you have a handful of clients that rave about you? Customer references can make the difference between closing a deal or not.

7. Before and After photos

Are you in the business of health and wellness or design? Before and after photos that prove a visual transformation is a compelling message. They offer undeniable proof that your solution works!

8. Quote results you have achieved for clients

Do you have clients whose revenue has doubled as a result of working with you? The financial results of client success is a powerful indicator of your expertise.

9. FAQs

Strategically written FAQs answer client questions and address objections.

When done correctly, a client should be able to quickly skim through your FAQ’s and know your features and their benefits without ever taking the time to read your answers.

10. Be worthy of imitation

Clients are attracted to businesses and people they would like to emulate. Would you book ten sessions with a wellness coach who wasn’t the epitome of excellent health? If you claim to be a social media expert, you better be all over social media!

When you walk the talk, prospects respect you.

Prove your credibility with prospects

To appeal to your prospect’s instinctual brain and convey your credibility, you must create a simple, elegant message about yourself to establish your worth that includes:

1. Experience: Decide the best way to prove your experience and craft a single message to convey it to prospects.

2. Honesty: People like to deal with people who speak from the heart. Honesty implies integrity and creates trust very quickly. The most obvious way to do this is to be truthful – don’t misrepresent your experience, for example! Give credit where credit is due – never disparage your competitors or other clients. If you think your product or service is not suitable for your client, don’t be afraid to recommend the right one.

3. Congruency: Walk the walk and do as you preach! Ensure everything you do or say shows that you are 100% in line with your product or service. The instinctual brain will spot a fraud well before your prospect’s PA has finished the introductions.

Integrate experience, honesty and congruency in your client communications, and you will seamlessly establish your credibility. Do it well enough, and your clients will choose you over your competitors.

The Ultimate Credibility Checklist

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