Small Business Owners

Your ability to sell is now proven to be more important than your core business skill. Improve your level of influence and gain a second expertise - selling.



Perfect Your Pitch

You have just a 10% chance of capturing the interest of a new client therefore your message must hit exactly the right note.

But does anxiety consume you, tying your tongue in knots and draining you of confidence and succinctness?

Do you think you’re pitching well but find that the eyes of the person in front of you seem to glaze over?

During this powerful, interactive session, you will be shown how to confidently define & deliver your message and immediately capture your audience’s attention.

Million Dollar Messages


Unless you can pinpoint what makes your business unique in a world of competitors, you cannot target your sales efforts successfully.

The language of your business proves your unique selling point. It must be clear and memorable. Critically, it must also create a strong emotional response.

Learn a guaranteed process to create powerful and potent messages for use in selling, marketing, advertising, email, conversation, websites, on hold messages – in fact, everywhere. Messages that resonate and compel people to action.

Your Sales Success Kit

Achieve spectacular results and relish in improved confidence and true clarity

Nothing worth having is ever achieved without hard work, focus, and dedication. But these factors alone are not enough; you must first create a solid foundation through great preparation.

Preparation is the key to success in any venture. In fact, great preparation is the major distinction between those who achieve exceptional success in business and those who don’t.

The foundations of any impressive structure are its single most important quality.

Your Sales Success Kit is a unique online training that will have you primed for any sales situation.

NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive

Building a successful business can be difficult enough without old-school sales techniques sabotaging your progress. Like it or not, sales form the cornerstone of a financially successful business. If you’re not selling to your full potential, your cornerstone is weak, and you will suffer financially.


You may have been to sales training before and left wondering why you bothered. We guarantee a very different approach to sales. The NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive has a solid foundation in proven research and results-based neuroscience. Increase your prosperity without being salesy.

Master the SalesSPACE System for Seamless Sales™ that delivers the clarity you crave, sales messages that matter and a practical system that works. Learn the true art of influence, the science of decision making and the way to elegantly lead not force a sale.

Easy Peasy

Just to let you know my first call this morning was a $10k sale. Followed the system perfectly – easy peasy! THANK YOU! I love you guys, I have never felt so supported.

Zoe Routh, Inner Compass

Frikkin' Awesome

You two are frikkin’ awesome! The ebb and flow between the sales strategies front and centre (Rachel) and the business strategist to the side (Col) makes for an incredibly valuable and dynamic learning environment. I loved being surrounded by other fabulous business owners and having the opportunity to get clear, honest, direct feedback from people who have no vested interest in me or my business… it was priceless. I feel so clear, confident and excited.

Suzy Jacobs, Finesque

Double the Income

The SalesSPACE Sales Intensive has given us the tools we have needed for sales that we never knew existed. We now have the skills and the structure to professionally advise potential customers as to the benefits for them to take on our services. The direct result: income this quarter is DOUBLE the previous quarter.

Stephen Tofler, CFO Professional