The business skill you will fail without

on March 2, 2017 Uncategorized with 0 comments

If you don’t have a dedicated sales arm you must have dedicated sales skills. The story of the starving artist is not uncommon. And we all know of people who are unfathomably talented,  and who have years and years of solid experience, yet their businesses flounder, hovering on collapse year after year until you realise, […]

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Online is not in-line with real connection

on November 28, 2016 Sales Success with 0 comments

Stop hiding behind your computer and speak with your clients. We agree that digital communication and social media platforms allow for fast and easy communication with large audiences. But online is a faux relationship. Your audience is looking at you – but you don’t know who they really are. Or what they are really thinking. […]

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I hope they don’t…

on November 1, 2016 Sales Success with 0 comments

Preparation is the key to success – it provides clarity, confidence and conviction. But how much preparation is enough? How much is too much? It is obvious – the higher the stakes, the more preparation you must do. Parachutists prepare diligently as do combat soldiers and race car drivers. But what happens when our lives […]

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Sales maker or order taker, which one are you?

on June 16, 2016 Sales Success with 0 comments

Your choice to be one or the other is the difference between sustainable success and deliberate failure. Order Takers often refer to themselves as great servers. They love to be friends with their clients and although they don’t feel it – are on the back foot in negotiation. Put simply, Order Takers are at the […]

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Overcoming the price objection

on May 17, 2016 Sales Success with 0 comments

What is your product or service worth in the mind of your client? There are two ways to increase your value reduce the price raise the benefits.   Constantly dropping your price will cut into your margins and threaten the sustainability of your business. People know that rock bottom price also equates to low quality […]

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How to turn a mistake into magic

on March 24, 2016 Communication Mastery with 0 comments

Plant a deep seed of trust – own your mistakes. Humans are, by their very nature, imperfect. We all make mistakes and you may think that stuff-ups can spell disaster for your business – but in reality, it’s how quickly and transparently you react that counts to your client. There are two ways to respond […]

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For sales success, speak like a doctor

on March 13, 2016 Sales Success with 0 comments

Your clients are like patients; they are looking for someone to help them understand what is wrong, and more importantly, how to fix it. They are looking for an expert, a trusted advisor who is accomplished at solving the problem they have. In a sales situation, assume the leadership role and speak like a doctor. […]

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What you are doing that costs much more than it should

on January 22, 2016 Sales Success with 0 comments

The saying “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards” is never truer than in business. To keep on top and stay ahead of your competitors, you need to be constantly looking to improve your current position. A very common way to do that is through training. Troublingly though, only 20% of what is taught […]

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What influential people do first

on December 8, 2015 Communication Mastery with 0 comments

Influential people are not born special, nor do they possess a secret talent denied to most people. Influence involves forethought and planning. Influence is deliberate. It is a product of intention. Setting an intention creates a snow-ball effect that rolls in exactly the direction you want it to. A lack of intention will leave you […]

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Numbers don’t make excuses, and they won’t listen to yours

on November 24, 2015 Peak Performance with 0 comments

Setting goals is one of the most essential tasks for business owners who seek success. But to-do lists, vision boards and road maps are only effective if they can be tracked and measured. Your goal can be to bring in 10 new clients, make $50,000, or write one book – at the end of each […]

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