Books That Drive Rivers of Revenue

“Narrowing your audience takes guts – the best books are written for narrow audiences.” Kath Walters

At SalesSPACE, we pride ourselves on helping thought leaders, authors, authors-to-be and subject matter experts understand what is stopping them from making revenue growth in their business. We show them a sales system that many feel is second to none.

Big implementation requires a massive realisation.

And now back to Kath Walters. Kath is an author, one of Australia’s best Book Coaches, a professional business writer and the founder of Brain to Book in 90 Days, and through the insightful eye of Kath’s expertise, Col and I will launch our first book at the start of 2023. It’s been a long time coming!

As a professional business writer, Kath has written for some of Australia’s top business publications, such as the Australian Financial Review and Business Review Weekly. Her writing reached around 40,000 readers a week for 14 years.

Kath knows readers – what they want and what they expect.

Success requires strategy.

Book publishing

There is a critical strategy to developing a successful business book. In a recent episode of The YES Zone: LIVE Show, Kath shared with viewers the essential 9 Things You Must Know to Write a Brilliant Business Book in 90 Days.

Step One: Narrow Your Audience to One Person

In Kath’s experience, what stops would-be authors from becoming published authors is not knowing where to start. They pose questions around how to structure their ideas, their desire to get the draft right the first time, or even having too many ideas!

Go narrow and deep. Choose your best ideas. Kath states that “you must write for a single person who really exists,” because when you know who you are writing for, you can choose your best ideas.

When you try to sell to everybody, you will get no body. Detailed targeting is vital.

Step Two: Choose Your Best Ideas

Once you have narrowed your audience, you will know what tone to use and the content to share.

There are two critical steps to take to ensure that your best ideas are the ones you include:

  1. Get clear about your audience.
  2. Use that clarity to decide which ideas to include – and importantly, which to omit.

Kath believes that “authors see people suffering needlessly.” When answering why, she states that those people are “acting on misinformation – or myths.” As an author, replace these myths with valuable messages! Use that clarity to decide what excites and energises you. Write down the myths and debunk them! What are the 7 myths that you have been burning to address?

Step Three: Nail Your Book Outline

Structure Your Book into WHY, WHAT and HOW. “To reach any destination, you have to have a roadmap,” Kath states. The key to this step is perfecting your book outline by adopting a tried-and-true structure:

  1. Three chapters about “why” your readers should read your book (the problems they have).
  2. Three chapters addressing “what” makes the way you think about their problems different to other experts.
  3. Three chapters about “how” to inspire your reader to solve their problems using your ideas.

Step Four: Flesh Out Your Ideas

Get depth to your idea. There are seven questions that are in the mind of every reader – so powerful that your reader will feel like you are reading their mind. Use these questions to delve deeper into the minds of your audience. Plan your chapters by using these questions, and your expertise.

Step Five: Know the 3 Common Mistakes – and How to AVOID Them

You don’t need to be a brilliant writer to write a brilliant book. There are three misconceptions that Kath has found in her years of expertise. She teaches that every book is a story book, whether fiction or non-fiction, and it is our job to convey our message clearly.

Step Six: Write at a Gallop

“Every great writer writes a terrible first draft” Anne La Mott. Kath says that perfect books are impossible, but brilliant books are not. Her program saves 75% of writing time on the first draft, allowing more time to focus on refining your book.

There is one caveat. You must know your stuff as a coach, trainer or speaker. This is the time to elevate – communicate your expertise and define your place in the literature.
The secret is to complete the first draft quickly. In my program, you finish the first draft in eight hours. Then you have time to polish your book to brilliance.

Step Seven: Apply the 7-Step Review

Polish your writing to 80% BRILLIANT in 7 Steps. It takes focus, planning and polishing to get the first draft to brilliance. Kath’s key to success: recording each chapter. Transcription allows finer review of the content, with the addition of Kath’s 7 Step Review Process in her program.

Within this 7-Step Review, there are two steps about structure, and five about style. Kath revealed that the easiest step about style is to remove “ly” words. As Stephen King was quoted “the road to Hell is paved with adverbs,” and Kath agrees that they diminish authority.

This 7-Step Review approach is one I look forward to applying to publishing our book, The YES Zone; two of my favourite words are efficient and effective… And I love moving towards brilliance effectively!

Step Eight: Let First Readers Help

Before you launch your book, share it with a limited number of readers, referred to as first readers. These people are in your target audience but are also supportive. This group help you overcome your inner critic; they provide feedback on your book. To ensure it is easier for them, provide a list of 5-8 questions to ask themselves as they read to ensure your content is relevant to your audience.

The feedback from your first readers will increase the quality of your book by at least 10%.

Step Nine: Have a Publishing Strategy

Quality editing, design and printing will add at least another 10% to the brilliance of your book. When somebody can’t walk past your book, they can’t walk past you. You can’t communicate your expertise, help your audience, or become an authority in your industry until your book is done.

Book writing

When you are an authority, clients come to you.

Marketing feels good. Sales transform your life. As an author or subject matter expert, you rely on your IP to generate your income. You know you dedicate the time into marketing; but if you can’t convert the sales, then it is a waste of time and money. Writing a book is an effort that you want to optimise.

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Are you ready to write a book?

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