How To Attract (Not Repel) Your Ideal Clients On LinkedIn.

“Content creates conversation when done right. But in order to connect with your ideal audience, it needs to be seen.” Jo Saunders

Your influence determines your income.

Many of our new clients say to us that they work so hard in their business, yet something is missing and they’re just not getting the sales results that they expect – and should be achieving. We highlight the precise type of strategy to use from a sales perspective that will double their revenue in record time.

BUT, the only way to achieve this is by understanding The YES Zone. I pride myself on doing this…

Until it came to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has always daunted me; I was concerned that it was going to take up too much time for little result. How could I ensure I was efficient and effective? How would I create content that was relatable and truly spoke to people?

As we know, positioning, promotion and productivity are key to our success on LinkedIn, and Jo Saunders has the expertise to ensure that this is achieved. She’s an international LinkedIn expert, marketing strategist, social media educator, and renowned for demystifying the complexities of the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn strategy

Jo has been a client of SalesSPACE for nearly twelve months, and as she states, we have created for her a “complete mindset shift in the way she thinks about selling”. I can certainly say that she has done that for me when it comes to LinkedIn, and I had the pleasure of hosting Jo on my YES ZONE Live Show, so she could share her expertise. Like us here at SalesSPACE, Jo works with people who are experts and thought leaders in their field, and loves it because they’ve got so much to share but they just don’t always know how to do it all properly.

As they saying goes, you can’t sell a secret. When I asked Jo to assess my profile and tell me what I needed to do to increase my visibility, simply put, Jo said “Well Rachel, if you are invisible, you are not making an impact.” Here are the three key parts to increasing visibility that we discussed:

1. Your profile and your page
Ensure you are using key words and have the right set up. The language you use and the way that you communicate will either repel or attract. Get into the head of your ideal client: who are they? What’s their big problem? Use that language to talk to those problems. Most of all, be yourself so you give others permission to be their authentic selves – “personal, with purpose.” What a message. I loved it.

Your profile should include up to date information. Your headline, about section, experience, job title and background – all containing the correct key words vital to your exposure.

2. Content
Ensure that your content is relevant to your target audience – this assists with visibility in the home feed of your connections. Be clear on your intention of what you’re sharing, and the message to it.

From the other side, it is important to clean up your home feed and connections to ensure you are viewing content that is relevant to you, or from people you want to work with.

Hashtags also hold importance when considering content. Following hashtags are a way of telling LinkedIn your interests, to assist in matching interesting content to the viewer. The use of the correct hashtags, along with the correct content, increases your exposure. As Jo referred to it, “it multiplies your magnetism”.

3. Engagement
If you’re not participating in a conversation, you are missing an opportunity to connect and amplify your visibility. Content is the conduit to engagement, and context is key to be seen as a credible expert. The level of visibility is not only influenced by the LinkedIn algorithm, but by the amount of followers and connections you have – and there is a key difference.

Followers are one way relationship – they subscribe to you, and there is no restriction on the amount of followers you can have. A connection can be considered like a “friend” on other social media platforms. It is a two-way relationship with an act of acceptance being made by you or the other party. You want the right people in your network so you can interact with them. As Jo advises, “the people who are taking up space in your feed could be in the way of the people you really want to see first. Go into the three dots at the top right of the post and unfollow. It’s not disconnect, it’s unfollow; your feed will then be full of posts from the people you really want to be conversing, making you more effective and efficient.”

If the idea of engaging is overwhelming, go narrow and deep. Create a timeframe and a list of 20 people, for example, that you want to engage with over that set time, and create a system to manage your efforts. They’re your focus.

For small businesses, Jo also states it is imperative that you have both an individual profile and a business page – both are “a free landing page that is indexed by Google.” Essentially, a page is a way of directing traffic to your website or your profile. By ensuring the profile, content and engagement are relevant, you can increase your visibility to a wider audience, beyond your current connections on LinkedIn.

Sales success, and a healthy bank balance, is achieved when you acknowledge that sales is the cornerstone of your business. The only thing holding you back from success, is you. Maximise every opportunity and avenue for potential sales; since becoming active on LinkedIn, I have found that the ROI is immediate.

LinkedIn Strategy

The 7 Step Attraction Process has been proven to ensure that you are being strategic on LinkedIn and profiting through your profile.

Step One: Clarity

Know who your ideal clients are and what their biggest challenges look like.

Research completed by Professor Frank Alpert from the University of Queensland shows that the biggest driver of change in purchase intentions was feeling targeted. This is a lot of the work that people do with SalesSPACE. We perfect targeting. The old adage is “when everyone’s your client, no one’s your client” – the same applies to LinkedIn. You need to dig deeply into the four critical distinctions of targeting to understand exactly who they are, what they value, what they care about, and what situations they’re in at the moment. There’s a lot of thinking to be done from a targeting perspective to make sure your profile speaks directly to them.

Step Two: Alignment

Sales messages are those bumper sticker statements that highlight and explain succinctly and compellingly exactly what you do and what you value. Sales messages done well take your message from waffle to world class.

Create a profile that connects with your ideal clients, infuse it with keywords, your character and sales messages. Key words are a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) term. Essentially, it just means knowing the language of your clients that they use when talking about or searching for the answer to their problems that you happen to solve.

Ensuring those words are in the right places in your profile; having them in your headline (the text under your name), in the About Section and in Your Experience are important. When you include sales messages, people understand you; you make sense to them. Sales messages convert.

Step Three: Visibility

Find conversations to engage with your ideal clients. If you’re going to make the time, make sure you make the money. You can do a bucket load of things and never make a cent. In order to converse with the right people, actively search for opportunities to engage and insert yourself into these conversations. Management from this point is key; LinkedIn doesn’t have a way to do this, so create a spreadsheet or utilise your CRM to set reminders and ensure all communication is documented. (Ask me if you need help choosing the best CRM).

Step Four: Credibility

The more credible you are, the faster someone will decide to buy from you. Build credibility beyond your positioning by producing content and adding value to conversations in your area of expertise in an elegant way.

Sharing valuable content on LinkedIn is how to create credibility. When you know your audience and the problems they have, your content must speak to that to increase your credibility and connection with them.

Add value to conversations in existence by engaging your ideal clients. Get into the mind of your ideal client and demonstrate your expertise.

Step Five: Reply

Simply put, respond to connection requests and engagement by checking notifications daily. The key is then nurturing that conversation and getting that person to feel heard.

Step Six: Connect

In addition to credibility, content provides a vehicle for your ideal clients to connect with who you are and what you stand for. The easiest way to engage your ideal clients is to ask a question. Making sure your content is formatted the right way will influence your perception of credibility and the way your audience engage with you.

If you have gained followers who you aren’t yet connected with, review them and turn them into connections by being proactive and purposeful.

Connection is key to your ability to convert.

Step Seven: Convert

Invite your ideal clients into an experience. The timing for this is crucial however, and this is why this is the final step in the sequence. LinkedIn involves publicly building relationships; the majority of the engagement is done in a format that everyone can see. The conversion involves further relationship building, and can be achieved through sending a message or picking up the phone, dropping an email and personally inviting someone to an experience. This is the activity that is often attempted too early or done in the wrong way, which can impact your opportunity to generate sales success from LinkedIn.

I pour my heart and soul into everything I do. I know that targeting is the key difference between basic (often timewasting) lead generation and lead generation that attracts ideal leads. If you then add to that sales messages that convert, the LinkedIn experience changes dramatically.

If I’m going to make the time, I’m going to make the sales… And I never thought I would speak the words, but increasing my credibility through LinkedIn has been FUN!

Thank you Jo Saunders. You are a star.

Visit Jo’s website.


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How To Attract (Not Repel) Your Ideal Clients On LinkedIn.

Your influence determines your income. Many of our new clients say to us that they work so hard in their business, yet something is missing and they’re just not getting the sales results that they expect – and should be achieving. We highlight the precise type of strategy to use from a sales perspective that will double their revenue in record time.

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