SalesSPACE is available to speak at your next business event. From a 20 minute Lunch and learn to a Conference Keynote, our engaging content will have your attendees leaving feeling inspired and more importantly with practical influence skills. Listed below are some of our topics. Use the Speaker Contact section at the bottom of this page for other topics or request more detailed information.

The 7 Steps to Sales Growth in a Small Business

In business, we are faced with many different options to grow sales. What should we focus on first?

Is it SEO, online marketing, blogging, writing a better business plan or attending endless networking events? The different advice is confusing and never ending.

SalesSPACE knows how to sell and how to grow a small business.

In this session you will be shown the truth about selling and how that relates to business growth , the 7 key elements that have totally transformed sales for many of our clients and that will make increased revenue a reality for you.

The Secret to Making a Presentation Sell

Giving a presentation can either skyrocket your sales or be a total waste of time. Through this method alone, SalesSPACE has grown from a small bank balance to 7-figures within 3 years.

From a 20 minute talk to a 1 hour presentation, there is big money to be made if you get this right. BUT, you must know exactly what works and what definitely doesn’t.

This exclusive workshop is for trainers, coaches, consultants, practitioners or professional service providers, who ARE determined to GROW their revenue but DO NOT want to spend thousands of dollars a month in the hope of generating leads. It will be exactly what you need if you WANT to create a constant flow of new business and stop wasting time hoping that business will somehow find you.

The 3 Steps to Sought After Status

To be ‘Sought After’ is to be in great demand. There is no greater position for a business to be in. 

You may be experts at what you do yet your sales figures fail to confirm this. The way you initially present yourself is critical. You must prove that you are systemised, highly skilled & deliver extremely valuable results. In this presentation you will be shown the 3 vital steps to move you quickly to this coveted position.

NeuroInfluence - The science of moving others to action

The modern business world is full of expectation and distraction. As leaders, these two factors alone cause us to stress, stay up at night and possibly drink a little too much wine! In this state, our ability to lead is severely compromised, often with detrimental effect on revenue and lifestyle.

There has never been a time with more information being pumped into our brain – SO, there’s also never been a better time to use the science of the brain to know exactly how to rectify things and get back on the front foot.

Your team is dealing with the same issue.  This session exposes the chemicals that surge in the brain and how to combat them.

Be shown how to use NeuroInfluence re-inspire your team and guarantee their best results.

Peak Performance

We all have the power to succeed, however we’re all not willing to do what it takes. In order to start, you must begin to see yourself differently.

Today is about preparing yourself, mentally and organisationally, to become incredibly successful. In the words of Marie Forleo, a leading entrepreneur doing extraordinary things throughout the world, “Creating success means balancing your love of starting something with a habit of finishing them”.

Nothing is more critical than focus. If you fail to reach your goal, it is because somewhere along the way your focus was “broken.” Focus is power; a focused person can accomplish more than 100 individuals who are merely interested.

More than anything else, your decisions decide your future. It’s how you play the cards that you’ve been dealt that matters most. Your life is a result of the decisions that you’ve made. Decisions decide destinies.

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