Communication Mastery

If you don’t know how to ‘listen’ to your clients, you will be misunderstood and disregarded before you have even said a word.

Saying words is one thing.  It is an entirely different thing to be able to engage and influence another person (or a group of people). Facilitating a conversation means listening, as well as talking.  In fact, your listening skill determines the quality of your language skills.  That is, if you are not intensely listening with active presence to the person (or persons), your language will not be effective and your business will certainly suffer.

Your ability to listen to and interpret what your clients are saying is as important as what you say to them. Understanding how to read physical and sensory cues will enable you to anticipate reactions as well as formulate appropriate responses.

In this 2-day Communication Mastery Training, SalesSpace will show you how true communication works; how to present yourself to create and maintain trust, respect and response within your clients.

Working with SalesSpace founder Rachel Bourke, this practical training will not only show you how to masterfully communicate but how to do it with ease and grace.

You will learn how to:

  • Read clients -understand what cues are being delivered and how to respond.
  • Listen for subtle information that is key to the sales conversation.
  • Compellingly deliver your uniqueness.
  • Seamlessly have guarded information shared by clients.
  • Tactfully discover your client’s fears and objections and use this information to assist the sale.
  • Ensure clients are open to following recommendations.
  • Gracefully present yourself as a buyer’s coach, rather than engaging in off-putting ‘old-school’ sales.
  • Develop the skills required to achieve expert status with both your clients and industry peers.
  • Gracefully present yourself as a buyer’s coach, focused on fulfilling your clients needs, not forcefully selling your own.

A Bespoke Communication Mastery Training is available for sales teams and corporations.

For bookings or further enquiries, email or call Rachel Bourke on +61 449 093 740

Skilful Listening + Language Skills = Communication Mastery

Rachel came highly recommended by a couple of my friends that couldn’t stop praising her amazing abilities. She gave me invaluable down-to-earth ready-to-use tools/tips and I have absolutely no doubt that Rachel’s work made a huge impact on my career. I would strongly recommend Rachel to anyone out there feeling there’s something not quite right in their life, professional or not. I know exactly what I want and how to get it. Thank you Rachel!EO, Managing Director of Global Investment Bank, London

Rachel Bourke is brilliant – she delivers dramatic results fast. An absolute must for anyone who wants to give a strong boost to their career or business.Ms A, General Manager, L’Oreal Paris