The SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach® Methodology

Learn how to elegantly convert leads into sales with a scientific approach to sales conversations and lead conversion. Become a Buyer’s Coach®.

A sales system founded on respect

Sales conversations that create an emotional connection with a buyer elegantly convert leads into clients.

Industry leaders and respected experts who hold a sales conversation as a Buyer’s Coach® skillfully direct their client to a decision, not force a sale. Greatly increase your ability to influence and gain a second expertise – become a Buyer’s Coach®.

A Buyer’s Coach® is not a salesperson. They’re a respected expert who has learned how to conduct sales conversations in a confident, natural and compelling manner. They sell for a purpose, not just the dollars.

The wisdom and skill set of a Buyer’s Coach® accelerates their ability to convert leads into sales because they are:

  • A respected leader in their field and sought out for their knowledge 
  • On the client’s team and know they have the expertise to transform their life 
  • A focused listener who is perceptive to their client’s needs and emotions 
  • A skilled communicator who builds trust by understanding the world from the perspective of others 
  • Someone who provides helpful feedback and has the confidence to decline a sale 
  • An conscious professional who inspires hope 
  • Prepared to challenge assumptions 

Buyer’s Coach®: A professional, personable and perceptive sales system

When you sell with integrity, your ability to convert leads into clients will be transformed.

  • PROFESSIONAL: Shows respect, pride and performs above expectation. A true professional oozes credibility and has a depth of knowledge evident by the questions they ask. They are succinct and easy to understand. They challenge assumptions and use a sales system to guarantee consistently high lead conversion. They are deliberate in their actions.
  • PERSONABLE: Friendly, approachable, helpful, open, honest and transparent. A Buyer’s Coach® causes a positive chemical reaction of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine in their clients thanks to their artful ability to build rapport and elicit client values. They express gratitude, are at ease when talking about money, exude a positive energy and enter all sales conversations with a win-win intention for themselves and their client.
  • PERCEPTIVE: Intuitive, insightful, and possess the conscious ability to sense change in others. A Buyer’s Coach® proactively builds rapport, possess high sensory acuity, is agile and able to elicit and utilise their clients values, are aware of the consequences of their language and the chemical reactions it can cause, able to foresee future possibilities and will only pursue a sale if the client is a perfect fit. A Buyer’s Coach® will happily say no to a sale.

SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach® vs a salesperson

A Buyer’s Coach® is highly regarded as a leader in their field. When holding sales conversations, they are client-focused, attentive, insightful, patient and wise. For their prospect, a sales conversation led by a Buyer’s Coach® is transformational.

Salespeople sell for money, not a purpose. They are seen as transactional, focused on commission, impatient, ignorant, robotic and lazy. A typical sales conversation leaves prospects wide open to buyer’s remorse.

“OMG! What an experience. The sales intensive training provided by Rachel and Colin was more than just training. It was an immersive journey that led me to find my ‘sales voice’. I have been equipped with an approach that is the difference I have been looking for, for so long. Bravo SalesSPACE.”

Karen Ferris | Organisational Change Rebel With a Cause

“Thank you, Rachel, Col and Avalon, for a wonderful program. Not only do I have a deeper understanding of my business and what I offer, I also have a compelling message as a Buyer’s Coach™. The program is well structured and paced and I now have a compelling way to sell what I do.”

Maree Burgess | Delegation Expert

“Rachel and Col. This 3 days has equipped me with an effective sales process and a Buyers Coach Mindset that I need to grow my business. Rachel is an outstanding presenter, and both she and Col are very committed to seeing their clients excel. Thank you for your great input into my life and business.”

John Drury | John Drury Business Mentor

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