How To Be Successful In Business
and Make Sales

Being highly skilled in your chosen field is not enough to truly fulfil your business’ financial potential.

To be successful in business, you must know how to hold sales conversations that elegantly influences others to decide to buy from you.

When your ability to sell matches your professional skills, you will achieve impressive revenue growth.

Doing business with professional skills as your only strength is like riding a bicycle with one flat tyre – the going is hard, steering is tricky. Eventually, you have to stop, no matter how good a rider you are.

Without sales skills, your success is acutely limited.

How Clarity Of Thought Breeds Success

When the human brain must decide on an option, the instinctual brain initiates a threat response and instantly moves into flight or fight mode.

If jargon fills your sales conversations, your prospect’s brain will release cortisol, and they will immediately fly. Confusion will always lead to a ‘NO”! Sales conversation over. When you are crystal clear, they will stay to fight.

Albert Einstein famously said, “If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough”.

Clarity releases endorphins and attracts prospects straight to you and your sales conversation.

You can never convey your offer clearly unless you are clear in your mind about what you do and the problem you solve. With that knowledge, you will gain the clarity to achieve true success.

5 Reasons Professionals Underperform In Sales Conversations

If your conversion rate isn’t above 75%, there are a few reasons why.

1. You present too many options

In an attempt to make it easy for your clients, do you present them with numerous options? There is a common belief that the more choices you give, one will be a perfect fit. In reality, the more options there are, the more confusing it can be for your prospect.

When you truly understand your client, you will know exactly which of your products or services is best suited to them. At SalesSPACE, we’d never suggest someone new to the concept of sales join our elite Small Business Growth Academy. The best solution for a new SalesSPACE client is our online training, Your Sales Success Kit, or a workshop that reveals the truth about how to find the perfect clients for their business.

Recommendation: Limit the number of options to 2, a maximum of 3, with your recommendation for the best one for them.

2. You assume your clients’ knowledge matches yours

Things that feel day-to-day for us are not always common knowledge to others. Do you use industry or company-specific information in your proposals? Remember, a confused mind says no.

Recommendation: Ask someone outside your company and industry to read your proposals and give their feedback regarding their ease of understanding.

3. You use high-level language and acronyms

TLA’s are ubiquitous in IT, from CPU to HDD to RAM, and everything in between. Understand? Three-letter acronyms (TLAs) are ubiquitous in IT, from Central Processing Unit (CPU), Hard Disk Drives (HDD) to Random Access Memory (RAM) and everything in between.

When you use language that your client does not instantly understand, cortisol is released, and they will immediately shut down. No one will stop to ask what you meant because they will feel silly or inferior. Say goodbye to the sale.

Recommendation: Use the lowest language possible that still demonstrates your expertise. For example, you could tell a client every page on their website needs a Title Tag and meta description. A plain language version is: Web pages need a 60-character title that clearly articulates to the reader what they will find on the page. Google displays this on its search results page. The web page also requires a 160 character summary paragraph, a compelling message that encourages the reader to click the link to your web page. Make sense?

4. You believe the devil is in the detail

Whilst detail is vital to establish your credibility, there is a definite point where your prospect’s eyes will glaze over. If nerves consume you or you’re very passionate about your product, you will fill the quiet space of conversation with every detail of your offering more often than not.

Recommendation: Script your messages and use models to contain your language and structure your sales conversations.

5. You are long-winded and wordy

When you use over verbose and descriptive language, it is hard for your prospect to comprehend. Many people also consider such language as a way to try and baffle.

Recommendation: Create succinct sales messages that clearly articulate the problem you solve, for example: Make big money in small business, Your influence determines your income, and Halve the time to double your sales

5 Strategies to maximise clarity and make sales

Your ability to achieve absolute clarity and smash your business goals is dependent on five strategies.

1. Do Your Targeting

Do you spend a couple of hours every six months to deeply understand your prospects? Do you know who they are in detail, what they value and why they would buy from you over a competitor?

Armed with this knowledge, you can craft a value proposition statement that positions the value of your product or service and proves succinctly to your prospect why they should say “YES!”.

Here is an excellent example of a statement that addresses quality over a competitor’s price: We fix $7.99 haircuts.

When you believe in the value of your product and can prove it succinctly to your prospect, the sale will make itself.

2. Craft Sales Messages

There is nothing more compelling than speaking with an expert who articulates their offerings with confidence and clarity by weaving succinct sales messages into the sales conversation.

That is only achieved through planning sales messages, preparing responses to objections, and polishing one’s performance. Preparation is the difference between attaining moderate and exceptional business success.

3. Script it. Speak it. Strip it.

Before any sales conversation, you must script, speak, then strip. When you rehearse your sales conversations, the changes you need to make will become apparent.

Don’t make the mistake of speaking to prospects at the same level as you would an industry peer. When you talk to a client at your professional level, you will confuse them, and they will say NO. Script, speak and strip your message until you use the lowest language possible whilst maintaining your expertise.

4. Offer Hope

The human capacity for hope is limitless. Utilising hope as part of your sales strategy will set you apart from your competition and place you as the recognised authority in your industry.

Leaders who know how to influence others deliver their message with clarity and accuracy, leaving no room for doubt or indecision. Clients are filled with hope and say YES!

In 2004, President Barack Obama saw an America that needed change, and he saw a population who needed a leader, someone who could take them from where they were to a better place. They needed hope.

His message was simple and universal. Change. But he didn’t sell change to a nation that notoriously fear change or who go to great lengths to avoid it. He offered people hope: hope that their lives would be different and hope that they would be better off. He appealed to the essential human capacity for hope. And he won.

5. Preparation is critical

Planning is the one thing that reduces stress. The clarity gained by knowing and communicating your direction is calming. We are not all in a magical state of Zen; however, there’s no need to second-guess every alternative that presents itself – Jo Blogs just had great success doing something that you don’t, should you drop everything and head that way? Sometimes you should, so consider it. Remain flexible and agile, but there’s no pressure to change – you already have a plan!

When it comes to your sales toolkit, start with your perfect elevator pitch, and then create scripts, questions and supporting documentation that is concise and compelling. Begin every conversation with clarity and confidence; precisely what your A-class prospects are expecting.

Clarity breeds business success

Clarity leads to confidence, and confidence leads to your prospect saying yes! If your sales conversations are not crystal clear, how do you expect a prospect to ask, ‘where do I sign?’.

Clarity is not about providing more detail. And it is not about the fine print. You achieve clarity by delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Nothing worth having is attainable without hard work and dedication. The British Army is famous for its adage, “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”.

So what does that mean to you? The instinctual brain, the part responsible for making decisions, will switch off in seconds if it can sense nervousness, confusion or a lack of preparation. Unless you professionally prepare for all sales conversations, your prospects will have made their “no” decision before you get to your second sentence.

On the other hand, prospects and clients will gravitate towards you if you speak and behave like a leader.

Make others smile and inspire hope.

People choose to buy from people with whom they feel connected. Every sales conversation is about building trust, not making a sale. Clarity equals massive momentum forward.

If your prospect is asking questions, they are 80% sold.

Be on your prospect’s side, not their opponent. Prepare responses to the most common objections and be ready to answer any question thrown at you. Preparation is key.

And remember, it’s ok to say no to a sale. Save your time and energy for your ideal clients.


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How To Be Successful In Business
and Make Sales

Being highly skilled in your chosen field is not enough to truly fulfil your business' financial potential. To be successful in business, you must know how to hold sales conversations that elegantly influences others to decide to buy from you. When your ability to...