5 Strategies To Overcoming Sales Objections

When you embrace overcoming sales objections as a secret weapon in your sales toolkit, your ability to convert leads into clients will skyrocket.

Whether you’re touching base on that first phone call, or in the final stages of a sales conversation, more often than not, prospects will enter your meeting with premediated sales objections. Until you take a bold step and embrace objection handling upfront, your prospect will not hear a word you say.

Author and sales expert Brian Tracy summed up the reason for overcoming sales objections brilliantly. His advice? “Treat objections as requests for further information.”

Our advice? Know every possible objection and be prepared to answer it with clarity and confidence every time.

1. Embrace Sales Objections at the start of your conversation

Don’t hide from the elephant in the room. You’ve done your research, so overcoming sales objections will be a piece of cake. Address the uncomfortable, and you’ll instantly gain the attention and respect of your prospect. You’ll also eliminate the sweat-inducing pressure that you used to avoid at all costs!

2. Never say the words ‘overcoming sales objections’ with clients

You know them as objections; your prospect should never hear that word come out of your mouth. In your conversations, reshape the narrative to common concerns, important considerations or challenges faced.

3. Fall in love with objection activists

Believe it or not, prospects who have taken the time to think through their objections and openly voice them are more likely to buy. 100%: they are the prospects you want to have a sales conversation with.

Why? Prospects who have spent time researching you, your brand and your product have a deep understanding of your offer. Their objections are merely a collection of questions that will fill in the gaps and support their decision to buy from you.

4. Banish price objections from your sales conversations

When you speak with confidence and clarity, like a doctor, your ability to address your prospect’s concerns will be swift and effective.

Confidence requires research. Spend time to understand who your prospects are and what they value deeply. Why would they buy from you over a competitor? Use this information to increase the perceived benefits you offer.

If the price objection is raised, the best way for you to overcome it is by being prepared. Practice saying your price out loud so that when you speak about it, the words flow confidently from your lips. Embed it in your neurology. If you say the price of your product enough times, it will become second nature.

5. Credibility is the key to sales success

Prospects don’t buy purely based on price. They buy you, then your company, then your product. Sky-high credibility is the ultimate secret to sales success. How does your stack up? Download the SalesSPACE Ultimate Credibility Checklist and take the test.

Embrace Sales Objections – they’ll become your best friend

Society is conditioned to see critical as smart. Therefore when you ask anyone about a product, they love to list the problems with it. If you have covered your objections, your sale will be in good stead.

Treating objections this way will have you feeling much better about selling and excited by having them raised!


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5 Strategies To Overcoming Sales Objections

When you embrace overcoming sales objections as a secret weapon in your sales toolkit, your ability to convert leads into clients will skyrocket. Whether you're touching base on that first phone call, or in the final stages of a sales conversation, more often than...

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