CRM for Sales Success

“What new technology does is create opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”  Tim O’Reilly, Founder O’Reilly Media

At SalesSPACE, we teach the perfect sales system for businesses or experts who sell high value products or services.

Our mission is to you show you how to master the art of selling without ever sounding sales‘y’ and of course, to ensure your revenue reflects your expertise.

Systemise your sales to maximise your results.

In an ever-changing environment, running a business means overcoming challenges. Such challenges can be met efficiently and effectively when the right technology is implemented. CRM software adds immense value to a business and removes stress from business owners and their teams.

CRM Software

The right CRM provides owners and teams with centralised information, improved productivity, and deeper customer relations.

Ben McDarmont is our in-house Zoho expert, with 17 years experience in IT, web development, software and product development. Ben much prefers to stay behind the scenes, but in the latest episode of The YES Zone LIVE, he shared the 7 Steps to Systemising your Sales.

A CRM is a customer relationship management system that enables a business to optimise its customer relations. The game changers of an effective CRM are:

  1. Capability: It must be powerful enough to run your practice
  2. Usability: It shouldn’t be so complex that you are afraid to use it
  3. Visibility: It should allow you to see exactly what’s happening in your business
  4. Connectability: It must be able to tie your apps together, including third party apps

We often get asked how to even begin to choose to CRM. There was a time where my business partner (also my husband!) asked the same, and after months of research implemented Zoho One. We followed some simple rules for choosing a CRM, ensuring the program possessed the following qualities:

Systemised Sales

  • Scalable (you can start simple, buy as your business grows, your systems should also)
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Exciting to use
  • Tailorable
  • Can guarantee implementation
  • Must keep track of ALL communication
  • Must integrate with your apps
  • Must provide real-time visibility
  • Must be able to accelerate sales with diagnostics, digital contracts and digital proposals

Profit through your processes.

There are 7 Steps to Systemising Your Sales to ensure growth and success through your CRM.

Step One: Connect

If we don’t connect we can never move further along the 7 steps, and we will always be limited by disconnected systems. We need:

  1. Rich information – far more valuable than unrelated, fragmented data
  2. Automation – extensive workflow options are possible
  3. Unified support
  4. Unified language
  5. Staff education – ease of training and can reduce required VA hours

For example, You may know which mailing list someone is on, but do you know…

  • Which pages of your website they have visited
  • Which e-books they have downloaded; or
  • Which webinars they have attended?

Ben explained Zoho Sales IQ, which provides a clear snapshot of which pages of a company website each contact has visited and how long they have spent viewing the page. This information is in the profile of the contact so, when we have spoken to a contact, we have a clear understand of their interests and needs. This is critical for valuable sales conversations.

The Zoho One suite is 40+ business apps, far beyond a CRM. In order to ensure we are optimising the information, we funnel as much information into our CRM. External apps can be connected to our system with Zoho Flow.

“Transparency within your organization is the difference between having a business that’s simply running, and having one that’s moving in one direction.” – Michael Riedijk, CEO PageFreezer

Step Two: Collate

Detailed information provides the best chance of building deep rapport and converting.

We should be able to see at a glance:

  • Contact information
  • Family information
  • Values
  • e-books downloaded
  • Email campaigns sent
  • Survey results
  • Sales conversations
  • Signed contracts
  • Phone conversations
  • Testimonials given (with dates and approval for use)

The benefits of having this at our fingertips are:

  1. Higher quality sales conversations
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Accountability to improve results
  4. Greatly improved visibility

Keep it in the system, not in your mind.

Sales System

At SalesSPACE, we take advantage of the Zoho One suite and funnel as much information as possible into each contact record. We connect our emails to see the full email history. We use forms and surveys to collect data and link it to our contacts.

We combine this with existing information we have about our contacts; this allows for informed conversations, and efficient and effective connections.

Step Three: Segment

Segmenting allows you to target your marketing efforts.

Through segmentation you can:

  • Ensure you are communicating the right message and offer to the right people
  • Optimise your time (accelerate an ideal client through the sales funnel, ignore non-ideal leads, one glance, comprehensive understanding)
  • Save money by sending targeted messages and offers to purchasers (people who have and will spend money), not just subscribers who are often not keen to spend
  • Make more money. Upsell (know what clients are interested in and what product or service is next in line for their development). Develop targeted products based on segmented research you have conducted

Once we segment, we can then segment our markets in categories such as Active Clients, Past Clients and Webinar Attendees. It is important however, that there is enough information being entered into the CRM to be able to segment.

Lead Scoring is a key feature of the Zoho CRM – this provides essential information on the movement of a lead, such as the emails they open, links clicked. This allows efficient and effective follow-up by prioritisation of leads. We can also personalise our communication to deepen further deepen relationships.

  • Create filtered client lists with views
  • Rank your leads with scoring rules
  • Sync your segments between CRM and Campaigns (intelligent emails – sending the right message, to the right people at the right time)
  • Use Tags to group and categorise

Step Four: Automate

So many of our clients exclaim that they wish they had more time. Through automation, you can optimise your time, reduce your admin time and simplify your processes. This step is where the information we have added into the CRM pays off, by allowing automation of daily tasks such as:

  • Follow ups for new leads
  • Reminders for tasks
  • Email templates with merge tags
  • Digital sign documents

We can use workflows to automate emails and digital documents, this streamlines our admin and makes it easy for clients to work with us.

Step Five: See (Visibility)

Improved visibility delivers improved peace of mind.

Once you have connected all your apps you can take advantage of this connectivity to improve visibility across your business. Gain real time alerts for:

  • group chats (between team members)
  • new leads
  • signed contracts
  • responses to email campaigns
  • new LinkedIn messages
  • Different inboxes
  • RSVP’s to events

Zoho Cliq is one of the apps within the Zoho One suite. It becomes a communication dashboard, providing instant notifications from any of your team or your apps:

  • Notifications from your team
  • Channels for grouping related information
  • Notifications from Zoho apps
  • Notifications from third party apps

Step Six: Leverage (the System)

Install and use Zoho Specialised Sales Modules (created by SalesSPACE). Make the most of your investment with a connected and customisable system. Implement ‘Custom Modules’ tailored to your business.

‘Custom Modules’ accelerate your sales.

As an example, Col, Ben and I developed a Sales Conversation module. Here, you can record all information in a sales conversation, providing a clear overview to each team member.

Log each of your sales conversations in your CRM. This makes follow-ups and accountability easy!

The Testimonials module is an addition SalesSPACE created and allows you to manage and sort hundreds of testimonials easily. Find the best testimonials to send to your potential client.

It’s another way to accelerate your sales.

Critical to SalesSPACE is event management. The Group Comms module was developed with this in mind, providing information at your fingertips about attendance, automation of RSVP, communication to clients all whilst reducing the amount of time spent on organising such events.

There are many functions of a CRM that aren’t available when one is simply purchased off the self. By enlisting the correct support, the modules that can be customised will further change the way you do business.

Step Seven: Consolidate

Systematically bring any remaining disconnected apps into the ecosystem to continue scaling the benefits.

For example:

  1. Replace Dropbox with Zoho Workdrive
  2. Replace Mailchimp with Zoho Campaigns
  3. Replace Calendly with Zoho Bookings
  4. Replace Zapier with Zoho Flow

External apps are of limited use without the ability to consolidate information; by replacing each third party app with the Zoho equivalent, we increase efficiency and decrease cost. The Zoho One Suite of 40+ business apps costs only AUD $71.50 (as at September 2022)  per user per month and can replace many of the apps you use in your business.


Once we have completed all 7 Steps, we end up with a business operating system or practice management system, which is far more valuable than an email marketing system, or a standalone CRM.

The system is implemented across three separate stages.

  1. Installation
    1. Create and setup an account
    2. Import and collate correct data into your CRM
    3. Connect your email platform to your CRM
    4. Connect your CRM to your email marketing
    5. Connect the CRM to your website
  1. Implementation
    1. Create segments
    2. Utilise automation, workflows and email templates
    3. Comprehensive support and training by Zoho expert Ben
  1. Installation
    1. Add custom fields
    2. Create custom modules
    3. Utilise sales specific modules

In the early stages of SalesSPACE, I was begging my husband and business partner Col, who is an IT master himself, for assistance with consolidating our processes. As we grew, it felt as though there were and increasing number of spreadsheets and information across several programs. Col conducted extensive research and concluded that Zoho One was the most affordable, usable and would have the most impact in our business.

Not only has it increased efficiency within SalesSPACE, it has allowed us to better assist our clients. We are able to instruct our clients on how to get the most of out of the Zoho One platform by providing direction on what they should be implementing based on their business model, and the stage and priority order of that implementation.

We want business owners and teams to realise what their CRM should be doing for them. Utilise your CRM to maximise your sales success.

To watch The YES Zone LinkedIn LIVE with Ben McDarmont and I, click here.

If this article has sparked something inside you, reach out to me straight away at rachel@salesspace.com.au.

Rachel x


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