How to be proven
and impossible to
say “NO” to

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What are you subconsciously doing that is turning prospects off? When your sales strategy is clear, bold and proven, you’ll elegantly convert leads into clients in any economic environment.

In How to be impossible to say “NO” to. Be Proven. How to tick all the boxes and have them asking “where do I sign?”, Rachel Bourke and Colin Eggins reveal: 

  • Why no one will buy from you unless you prove your reward outweighs their risk
  • The 3 considerations you must prove to gain the unwavering confidence of your clients
  • How to be proven, without being arrogant and breeding animosity
  • The SalesSPACE Risk Reduction Table that makes defining risk, matching solutions and writing your sales messages simple
  • A Credibility Checklist to end all checklists
  • 7 critical steps to secure your positioning and explode your conversion rate
  • What you must have in place to get a “yes”

Clear, practical and 'next level'

"Attending SalesSpace’s webcast series was exactly what we needed to help us refocus and concentrate on the best way to re-message for these times. Rachel and Col have a well deserved reputation for delivering clear, practical information and are ’next level’ sales experts. I cannot recommend this webcast series strongly enough to any business who is serious about adapting and thriving beyond 2020."

Camille Blyth - Founder, The Brilliant Content Agency

Artful, clear and supportive

“I feel like I’ve gone from sales being a magical ‘winging it’ process, to an intentional and repeatable process. The guesswork has been removed from sales, which is the lifeblood of any business. Rachel and Col were artful, clear and supportive”.

Amon Woulfe – Managing Director, Collective Mind

Eye-opening. Blown away

“WOW... Blown away is the only way to describe how I feel after training with Rachel and Col. I’m so excited to sell and I never thought I'd say that! Thanks Col and Rachel for opening my eyes to what sales should be.”

Andrew Hellmich – Director, PhotoBixZ

I feel like a different person

“Mind-blown! Rachel’s and Col’s Sales Intensive was exactly what I needed, before I even realised that I needed it. The shift in my mindset around my ability to sell was so incredibly quick, easy and powerful that I almost feel like a different person! The SaleSPACE sales system is so thorough. For someone who was terrified of sales and follow ups, SalesSPACE have provided the structure I craved to enable me to feel confident in having natural sales conversations that deliver awesome results”.

Nicole Vine – Personal Stylist, nicolevine.com.au

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