8 Rules of Audience Targeting for Lead Generation

Are you spending countless hours every week doing lead generation on LinkedIn and end up having sales conversations that don’t lead to a yes?

Do you feel very stressed about your diminishing bank balance?


You are talking to the WRONG people because you haven’t spent time doing audience targeting.

When underpinned by a rigorous targeting strategy, your lead generation will result in a steady flow of leads who are your ideal clients—prospects who are genuinely interested and are ready to buy from you.

Without highly refined audience targeting, you’re wasting precious time.

If you’re going to take the time to sell, you must make sure it makes you money. Don’t waste your time on people who will never buy from you. Spend it selling to your ideal clients.

When the stakes are high, success requires deliberate action and commitment. Without audience targeting, your success is acutely limited.

Why do you need to know the ins and outs of your ideal customer?

Like it or not, if you own a small business and don’t have a salesperson on the payroll, selling is your responsibility. If you want to succeed, you need to own the sales process.

When you know the ins and outs of your ideal customer, everything hums.

Targeting makes marketing, sales and customer service more effective and precise. It saves you wasting money on digital marketing and precious time on a content generation strategy that does not produce results. Targeting guarantees you won’t waste effort on unsuccessful sales conversations either. When you identify and target your ideal customer accurately, your ability to convert leads into clients will skyrocket.

The 2 (+ 6) rules of targeting

You must follow two rules and answer six questions to ensure your audience targeting sets you up for all-out sales success.

The Two Rules

1. Go narrow and deep
2. Know your target markets inside and out

The Six Questions

1. Who are they?
2. What do they value?
3. What pains are they experiencing?
4. What are they currently feeling?
5. What objections do they encounter?
6. What do they want in the future?

Complete your audience targeting – GO!

To do a worthwhile targeting strategy, you need to set aside at least two hours per product you’re selling and two hours for each target market you’re selling to.

According to research by Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Queensland School of Business, Professor Frank Alpert, the biggest changer of purchase decisions was feeling targeted.

If you want to have meaningful sales conversations that lead to conversions, you must do your audience targeting thinking.

Stringent targeting strategies is how McDonald’s created its Loose Change Menu®. It’s for customers seeking value for money. And think about the sales message sales message that supports the range. Loose Change Menu®: A Little Goes A Long Way.

Targeting guarantees you’ll create the right messages and the right products that are impossible for the right prospects to say no to.

The Truth About Lead Generation workshop

The Truth about Lead Generation workshop will give you the skills and confidence to create the right messages and the right products that are impossible for the right prospects to say no to.

Over three hours, you’ll work with master sales coach Rachel Bourke and sales strategist Colin Eggins to clearly understand the truth about audience targeting lead generation and work to define your perfect customers.

Attend The Truth about Lead Generation workshop to gain:

  • A clear plan to identify your perfect clients on LinkedIn
  • The confidence and clarity to focus your attention on leads that are ready to buy from you
  • A significant reduction in wasted time
  • Confidence in your ability to affect the decision-maker

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The Truth About Lead Generation Virtual Workshop


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