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Sales Mastery

Sales form the cornerstone of a financially successful business.

Helping ambitious business owners overcome the fears and obstacles that stop them realising their revenue goals is the foundation of what we do. We’ve done extensive research into why a prospect will choose to buy from one person over another, and we have created a sales system that many feel is second to none.

The Truth About Lead Generation

Time is precious; there is no time to waste on people who will never buy. Master targeting, and be seen, heard and felt by the right audience. Get selective to get sold out.

Sales Strategy

Strategy Sessions set the application of the new sales system. They define the target market, actions, sales process and expected results. Confidence comes from clarity.

Selling To A Boardroom

You’ve been allocated a timeslot in a busy schedule because the decision maker believes you can either solve a problem or help achieve a desired business result. Blow them away with your presentation. It’s all about them, not about you.

Selling From A Webinar

If you’re going to make the time, make sure you make the money.
Learn the secret to delivering webinars that sell. There is a formula that works.

Peak Performance and Implementation

Big implementation requires a massive realisation. To succeed you must raise your standard. Give yourself permission to do it differently.

Implementation & Accountability Program

Continuity is key. Accountability fuels excellence. This program ensures direction, focus and self-awareness to increase your success.

Essential Sales Messages

Continuity is key. How you speak positions you and your brand. Sales messages capture attention and influences your ideal audience. Establish credibility and influence your ideal audience into action.

Influential Speaking

Conversations cause chemical reactions. Conduct conversations that move people to action. People buy us first, then our products. Impress from the start.

Selling From A Stage

Leverage your time, positioning and selling power. Learn how to present your offering to a public group, create big business and hit huge day rates. Efficiently and effectively sell a product – even before you create it.

7 Steps to Presentations That Sell

Don’t be preachy or pushy. Be deliberate in your business. Learn the 7 steps to presentations that sell – the fastest way to increase your bank balance on a shoestring budget.

Book Optimisation for Authors

Your influence determines your income. As an author or subject matter expert, you rely on your IP to generate your income. Writing a book is an effort that must be optimised.

Private Mentoring

We crave direction but are stuck in distraction. Tailored mentoring sessions drive sales performance and business growth. Polish your strategy and maximise results.

Business Technology

Systemise your sales to maximise your results. In an ever-changing environment, running a business means overcoming challenges. Such challenges can be met efficiently and effectively when the right technology is implemented. CRM software adds value to a business. The right CRM provides owners and teams with centralised information, improved productivity and deeper customer relations.

Why a CRM?

Automate your processes to optimise your results. With a centralised platform customised to your needs, deliver a better customer experience, and convert more leads efficiently. The deliciousness is in the detail.

Zoho Tech Tip Videos

Insights and inspiration from the experts. Learn what’s possible, stay connected and up-to-date with the ever-evolving tools and benefits of a CRM.


Confidence in clarity. Determine the features best for your business, gain insight into ongoing support and feel secure in the knowledge that all your questions are answered.

CRM for Sales Success

Learn the 7 critical steps to guarantee efficient and effective customer relations. Connection is the foundation to increase visibility, usability and capability. Maximise efficiency on every scale.

CRM Packages

Profit through your processes. Customise your CRM and optimise the capabilities of this essential strategic tool. Stay in control of your growing business with expert IT support.


A critical component of business success, marketing ensures that consumers know your business, your product and your benefits. Most importantly, marketing generates interest.

Ensuring your value is communicated requires narrow research and analysis, and a deep understanding of the interests, needs and pain points of your ideal customer.

Collaboration creates confidence.

Website Review

Ensure up-to-date content, and keep your business relevant. Conducting regular audits of your website is essential to attracting clients. Results require relevance.

SEO and Content Strategy

Your efforts online must be effective. Continuous technical analysis of your digital results is a critical part of a marketing strategy. Strategy reduces stress.

LinkedIn Growth Strategy

LinkedIn is the world’s premier business network. Take a strategic approach to building your brand awareness, and your sales. Design content that creates conversation – and conversion.


The smallest difference determines everything.

How your brand is perceived is paramount to your business success. Professionally directed and designed sales collateral enriches your content, enhances appeal and adds high levels of credibility with your ideal audience. It also removes the stress and dreaded frenzy of activity when a prospects asks “can you send me a brochure / proposal please.” Preparation prevents poor performance.

Polished design leads to the belief that you and your business are of similar quality. Design has the power to cultivate a visual identity that attracts your prospect and inspires a sale. Be prepared and nail the sale.

Business Brochure

Capture the attention of your ideal audience. Inform and impress your market to maximise your sales efforts. A well-designed brochure will compel your audience to action.

Program Flyers

Provide in-depth and specific program information to clients without complicating your business brochure. Address costs program, specific case studies, and FAQs. Increase your credibility. Clients crave clarity.

Visual Model Design

A picture tells a thousand words. Models are a visual representation of your value. They are a world-class tool to drive interest, clarity and desire. If your value proposition is strong, price will become irrelevant. Models show the simplicity beyond the complexity.

Sales Slide Deck Creation

A sales presentation is an invaluable sales tool. An extension of your sales system, it highlights your value to your customer. Position your business as a stand-out.


“Authentic and real in the approach she takes”

Clare Mann

Psychologist, Author, Trainer

Adrian Baillargeon

Business Owner
Teams that Swear

“SalesSPACE was EXACTLY what my business and I needed, and the results were instantaneous.”

“When it comes to “selling”, – I cannot recommend Rachel’s approach, process and support enough. SalesSPACE was EXACTLY what my business and I needed, and the results were instantaneous. I feel like she and Col are part of my team, and two people I swear by. Definitely worth considering if you are looking to improve the quality of your conversations with potential customers.”

Kaylene Grieve

Managing Director
Sales, SEO and Social Media

“Over the last 6 months I have learnt so much and achieved significant revenue growth. “

“Over the last 6 months I have learnt so much and achieved significant revenue growth. If you are looking to work with two people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves, think lightning fast on their feet and help you get big business results, Rachel and Col are the real deal! I Highly Recommend.”

Peter Forster

Financial Strategic Insights

“Since joining SalesSPACE my business has grown by well over 140%. I more than doubled my revenue in 9 months.”

“Rachel and Col are great to work with and really focus on the needs of your business and the needs of yourself as a business owner. Since joining SalesSPACE my business has grown by well over 140%. I more than doubled my revenue in 9 months.

The advice and support from the SalesSPACE team has significantly contributed to this growth.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SalesSPACE difference? Our holistic approach better supports business, as everything we do is aimed at ensuring increased effectiveness, efficiency, fulfilment and success.

How does a Sales System reduce stress in business?

A proven sales system, one that is repeatable and enjoyable to execute, when followed consistently, ensures you lead structured sales conversations that convert. Having a process means you own your success – you know what you did that worked and realise it is repeatable.

A sales system gives you the confidence to sell, and, believe it or not, look forward to doing it!

Why does having a marketing strategy aligned with a sales strategy lead to increased revenue?

Marketing brings the right leads to your business. Sales convert the right leads into clients. When your marketing and sales strategy are singing in harmony, magic happens.

How can SalesSPACE optimise my content and SEO strategy?

The right content has the power to foster relationships with the right people. SalesSPACE will create a sales strategy to optimise content, and work alongside an expert in SEO to ensure you are seen by the ideal audience.

There are so many options; how do I know which is the best program for my business?

There are critical components to choosing a CRM program. Ensure it is:

– Scalable (can start simple and grow with you)
– User friendly
– Affordable
– Exciting to use; and
– Tailorable

Key functionalities include:

– Can guarantee implementation
– Must keep track of ALL Communication
– Must integrate with your apps
– Must provide real-time visibility
– Must be able to accelerate sales with diagnostics, digital contracts and digital proposals

How is SalesSPACE training different?

Funny! The word ‘sales’ even makes us cringe. But the reality is, if you don’t sell, you don’t have a business.

SalesSPACE sales training teaches the real art of influence, the science of decision-making, and how to elegantly ‘lead’ not ‘force’ a sale.

Our number one outcome is that you will become masterful at sales without ever sounding salesy.

We are so confident in our teachings that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How can a Sales System specifically be applied to authorship to optimise success?

Collaboration creates confidence. SalesSPACE has a Book Optimisation Strategy to ensure a plan for pre, during and post launch success. Have the tools to write a brilliant business book – in less time than you think! – and work alongside SalesSPACE and experts in publishing to communicate your expertise.

How can SalesSPACE improve growth through LinkedIn?

Content creates context. 60-70% of a buyer’s journey is now done via social media and digital research, before they engage with you directly. We partner with Australia’s LinkedIn expert to improve connections, optimise content and better engage with your industry.

Why should I implement CRM software?

A CRM program is a near-vital tool, offering a wealth of benefits across all functionalities of a business.

The software is designed to create a more customer-centred approach to your business whilst increasing visibility and efficiency.

Benefits include improvements in:

– Capability: optimised processes and better features, through access to Zoho One
– Usability: know the language of one platform with a dashboard to visually highlight data
– Visibility: a single-view of lead and customer activity
– Connectability: simplified collaboration to connect with other favourite functions

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