The SalesSPACE System to Seamless Sales™

Implement a sales system that you can rely on. A framework that guides your sales conversations and converts leads. A proven approach, The System To Seamless Sales™ is a repeatable sales system that will transform your confidence and put you in control of sales conversations.

A respectful sales system that converts leads

Winging it in sales simply won’t cut it. There is a sales system that works.

Drawing on the neuroscience of decision making and an extensive background in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuro Semantics, The System to Seamless Sales™ is grounded in scientific research. It harnesses feelings, values and emotions to give experts and professionals the skill and confidence to hold sales conversations that convert.

The System to Seamless Sales™ guides the sales conversations of experts and professionals through the essential stages of selling – Connect, Affect, Direct – while deepening the respect.

Using a proven and repeatable sales system means you’ll feel confident, relaxed and in full control of your sales conversations.

The System to Seamless Sales™ has transformed the bank balances of thousands of small to medium businesses globally.

  • A proven framework will increase your confidence and remove stress from your sales meetings. Know what to say and when it say it.  
  • Hold elegant and respectful sales conversations that drive a faster “yes”.  
  • Rely on a sales framework that allows you to consistently sell with conviction and hit targets with ease. 

A structured approach to sales conversations that convert

Your ability to sell is now proven to be more important than your core business skill. Increase your ability to influence and gain a second expertise.

For many experts and professionals, knowing how to influence clients in a sales conversation is critical. When done with respect, sales conversations guided by The System to Seamless Sales™ don’t just convert, they are enjoyable!

Four critical factors are the secret to sales success:

  • CAPTURE ATTENTION: Capture a client’s attention with an elevator pitch that succinctly answers the question: “what do you do?” and explain your offer with a metaphor that is direct, appropriate and purposeful.
  • GAIN TRUST: Set expectations, cover off objections and get the elephant out of your sales conversation from the start. Build trust by asking permission before continuing your sales conversation.
  • ELICIT MOTIVES: Ask the trademarked Buyer’s Coach® questions to elicit your client’s values, emotions and frustrations and support your message with your credibility and guarantees.
  • DEMONSTRATE SOLUTIONS: Offer a solution that talks to their values. Close the deal with gratitude, and deliver the product or service you are renowned for.

Harness values and affect emotions to convert leads

From the pitch to the close, every step of The System to Seamless Sales™ focuses on understanding what a client values and deeply affecting their emotions.

Emotions drive sales

Winning sales is not about drilling a client’s pain points. The more someone values what you sell, the more they’ll want it. If you can demonstrate that your product or service is in line with what they value most, they will say yes

When your value proposition is strong, price becomes irrelevant

“Learning from Rachel and Col has changed how I feel about sales FOREVER. I love having sales conversations using the SalesSPACE system because I no longer feel “salesy”. Thanks to the 10 Step Sales System, I only sell to the right clients who love what I do. And they always say yes! SalesSPACE makes my work a dream.”

Kath Walters | Book Coach

“It is the most respectful approach to selling I’ve ever encountered. Whether you run your own business or work in a business, you deserve and owe it to yourself to learn about and adopt the SalesSPACE 10 Step Sales System.”

Bernard Desmidt | Leadership Coach

“Rachel and Col’s understanding of the neuroscience of decision making is eye-opening, but their system for leveraging that knowledge and creating a system that feels natural and invisible is profound.”

Mo MacRae | Film Director

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