A benchmark sales approach not only reflects a company’s service offering, it defines it. Astute businesses recognise that their clients’ first personal impression is often delivered by the Sales Team.

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Master the art of selling without ever sounding salesy. SalesSPACE sales training will transform your sales skills.

USP Development

Once you decide on your Unique Selling Proposition, live it. You must be clear on who your ideal client is – and who you truly want to work with. Every product, service and action must be congruent. Research it, and become known for it. When your messaging spells out your uniqueness, the decision to work with you becomes easy.

Perfect Your Pitch

Instantly swell your salesforce. Empower all teams to generate leads. Gain the tools to confidently define and deliver the message, immediately capturing a prospect’s attention.

Million Dollar Messages

Sales messages convert leads into clients. Create bold statements that attract your ideal clients: when your messaging clearly spells out your uniqueness, the decision to work with you becomes easy.

Visual Model Development

Resonate instantly with your audience. Articulate your value and succinctly communicate your expertise, ideas and solutions through visual thinking and models.

Sales Training

Sales is the critical component of every business strategy. Individual sales approaches differ extensively, creating inconsistencies within sales teams.

A confused mind says no. There is nothing more compelling than speaking with a person who articulates their offerings with confidence and clarity. That is only achieved through a clear strategy, and planning, practice, and polishing team performance.

Your Sales Success Kit

YSSK is a unique online training that will prime you for any sales situation. Gain real and actionable answers to strengthen your sales strategy. Transform your approach to sales.

Communication Mastery

Clients crave clarity. Gain critical insight to verbal and non-verbal communication and effectively convey your expertise and value to increase lead conversion and improve business relationships.

NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive

Make sales a strength to transform your revenue. Apply neuroscience principles to the art of selling. Gain invaluable tools to master your team’s mindset and develop a sales experience.


Time is precious; there is no time to waste on people who will never buy. Master targeting, and be seen, heard and felt by the right audience. Get selective to get sold out.

Sales Strategy

Big implementation requires a massive realisation. Neuroscience and Affective Influence alone cannot sell products to your clients, but incorporating this insight into your overall sales approach is an ingenious way to reassure your prospects during sales conversations, turning leads into conversions sooner rather than later.

If you want to significantly boost your income and your sales figures, a structured or systemised sales approach to selling which affects people emotionally (in a positive manner) is required.

Sales Strategy

A new approach to selling. Achieve revenue growth and optimal efficiency by continually improving sales strategy the productivity of the sales model within your business.

CRM for Sales Success

Retention requires resources. Move beyond a standalone CRM, and customise a business operating system, increasing efficiency, customer relationships and sales growth.


Guarantee action: increase inspiration and reduce distraction. Implement a proven approach to sales across your entire business and execute your strategic plan.

Accountability Program

Accountability drives success. Ensure alignment with business goals and continual strategic improvement through the SalesSPACE accountability program.

FAQ Development

Clarity creates confidence. Well written FAQs establish you as an authority in your industry. Connect with your client and improve their customer experience by optimising FAQs.

Executive Mentoring

Turn knowledge into wisdom. Ensure your team is as masterful at inspiring change as they are in their chosen profession, and transform your company culture. Improve relationships, elevate skillsets and break through barriers.


Rachel Bourke is available to speak at your next business event. From a 20 minute Lunch and Learn to a Conference Keynote or a full day Workshop, our engaging content will have your attendees leaving feeling inspired and more importantly with practical influence skills. Listed below are some of our topics.

The 7 Steps to Sales Growth in a Small Business

In this session you will be shown the truth about selling and how that relates to business growth , the 7 key elements that have totally transformed sales for many of our clients and that will make increased revenue a reality for you.

The Secret to Making a Presentation Sell

This exclusive workshop is for trainers, coaches, consultants, practitioners or professional service providers, who ARE determined to GROW their revenue but DO NOT want to spend thousands of dollars a month in the hope of generating leads.

Peak Performance

We all have the power to succeed, however we’re all not willing to do what it takes. In order to start, you must begin to see yourself differently.

More than anything else, your decisions decide your future. It’s how you play the cards that you’ve been dealt that matters most.

NeuroInfluence – The Science of Moving Others to Action

There has never been a time with more information being pumped into our brain – SO, there’s also never been a better time to use the science of the brain to know exactly how to rectify things and get back on the front foot.


Selling is definitely not a one size fits all discipline. High-performing salespeople are unique, come from a range of different backgrounds and are just that little bit ‘special’. Even when leveraging our proven and successful sales space formula, hiring and managing salespeople can still be fraught with red flags and challenges. They are the first impression a prospect has of your business; get it wrong and it can be very hard to claw them back, get it right and watch your revenue accelerate on a trajectory. The pandemic has complicated recruitment even further. Everyone’s worlds have been turned upside down, and salespeople are now demanding choice, flexibility, balance and a why.

Specialist Sales Professional Recruitment

We proudly partner with a sales recruitment specialist who, with 20 years’ experience, gets it. Kara Atkinson has built her network of B2B and enterprise sales professionals who are well versed in hunting, consultatively questioning, following up and closing. Her network and our formula have proven to be a winning combination. Collaboration creates confidence.


“Using Rachel Bourke’s amazing SalesSPACE 10 step process I’ve managed to reduce the sales cycle from 9 months to 3 months”

Annie Sheehan

Project Management Institute
Head of Client Engagement, Australia and New Zealand

Kate Cubitt

Managing Director
Cubitt’s Granny Flats and Extensions

“SalesSPACE training has transformed the way we sell.”

“In short, Rachel’s SalesSPACE training has transformed the way we sell at Cubitt’s. As a values driven business, it was vital for us to find a coach and mentor for all our staff, not just our sales team to help us connect to customers in a genuine way, and deliver our values in our messaging every single day. Rachel and the SalesSpace team have delivered for us from front of house team, through to our executives and board members.”

Kyrra Rawnsley

Head of Training and Development
Claims Central Consolidated

“The SalesSPACE unique models and systems have been instrumental to our Global business”

“WOW, what an intense, well thought out, mind-blowing workshop. I had the pleasure of not only attending one but four workshops with Rachel and Col and can I say they just kept surprising me in their delivery and approach along with educating me more and more on the sales approach and methodology that we can embed within our business. Rachel had the power to shift the mindset of our teams from a “I do not do sales” to “I am a buyers coach and proud of it” attitude. The SalesSPACE unique models and systems have been instrumental to our Global business.

I highly recommend the Influencing Sales course to any leader who needs to build confidence and skills within their teams to sell quickly.

Thankyou Rachel and Col for your consistent delivery and service.”

Steve Domingues

Chief Technology and Marketing Officer
National Projects and Management (NPM)

“I would highly recommend their service or courses if you’re looking to achieve growth and increased sales.”

“The NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive Course has given me the confidence to enable my team with the right tools to excel and convert more leads. Rachel and Colin are masters in the artform of selling which is evident throughout the 2.5 days. Their consent consideration for your business, as much as the group, makes the whole experience seem more personal and customized to your needs. I would highly recommend their service or courses if you’re looking to achieve growth and increased sales.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SalesSPACE difference? Our holistic approach better supports business, as everything we do is aimed at ensuring increased effectiveness, efficiency, fulfilment and success.

What is it about visual models that accelerates the sales cycle?

Ease of understanding with an added emotional charge.

A model is not an infographic. An infographic is purely an observation, whereas a model visually represents an idea and inspires a prospect to want more. Models leave a lasting impression. A sales model, created correctly, is the perfect visual representation of your value proposition. It will show a client where they are now and clearly show them where they will be with your help. A model will provide clarity, confidence and conviction; the emotional states required to expediate a decision to buy.

There is a big difference between a model that sells and a model that maps out your intellectual property (IP). A sales model is a strong sales tool. An IP model is overwhelming to your prospect and will push them away from a sale.

How does NeuroInfluence activate a prospects decision to buy?

NeuroInfluence is the junction of the science of decision-making, the psychology of sales and the subtle art of influence.

It’s the skillful use of neuroscience to optimise sales that is woven through The SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach® methodology and The System to Seamless Sales™. It is at the heart of The SalesSPACE Difference.

How does Communication Mastery accelerate sales success?

Effective communication strengthens connections. We provide critical insight into true communication works; how to present yourself to create and maintain trust, respect and response within your clients.

Influence is mostly manifested in conversations. To be influential, you conduct leadership conversations; conversations that lead people’s minds and emotions.

How does a sales strategy significantly increase business revenue?

Successful sales is a deliberate activity. You need a process that you initiate over and over again. Most business owners or salespeople who aren’t realising the results they desire, usually don’t have a sales strategy.

Sales Strategy outlines exactly who, where when and how you will use your sales system. It also determines your target markets, expected results and the sales process involved.

Working under the guidance of a sales strategy also reduces stress, minimises meeting prep time and allows you to spend more time selling successfully.

What support can my business expect through your Executive Coaching program?

Leadership is influencing others, not directing them. Engaging your team is critical to success, and not only increases retention, but also customer satisfaction.

We provide customised one on one mentoring, based entirely on your business goals. Working with individual team members, we provide practical solutions and maximise alignment between management, employees and customer needs.

How will a Specialist Sales Recruiter benefit my business?

Effective recruitment will support your company to achieve greater levels of growth, employee retention and customer retention.

Working with an expert in the sales industry provide a competitive advantage by ensuring you have the right people to fit your company’s culture and it’s customers.

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