7 Rules For Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch

What is your answer to “What do you do?”

If you fumble to respond to that simple question, it’s time to craft your perfect elevator pitch.

Of all the sales messages in your business, your pitch is the MOST important.

Why? It grabs the attention of your prospect, builds their interest, creates desire and causes them to take action. The perfect pitch will elicit the response “That sounds interesting. How do you do that?”, to which you respond, “Let me show you an example…”

Thomas Jefferson famously said, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” Follow SalesSPACE’s 7 rules for Crafting the Perfect Pitch and enter your next conversation confident to explain what you do clearly.

RULE 1: Everything we say must sell

Unless what you say has a purpose, you’ll never have conversations that convert leads into clients. Words – the way you use them and the effect they have over others – is at the centre of your ability to sell your product or service.

Mastering language and communication is an essential part of creating rapport with others, and conveying messages and meaning. When you craft the perfect sales message and deliver it with clarity and conviction, everything you say will have the desired intention.

RULE 2: Tailor to your targets

When your time is precious, you must deliver the right message, to the right prospect, at the right time. Selling to anyone that is not your ideal customer, or with the wrong message, is wasted effort.

When COVID hit the Qantas Frequent Flyer program repositioned its message to reward members for online shopping rather than flying. Points for shopping isn’t a new feature, just something that wasn’t as relevant before the pandemic – right message (reward for online shopping), to the right prospect (shopaholic stuck at home), at the right time (amid lockdown).

RULE 3: About them, NOT you

In a sales conversation, your language must be about “them”, not “you”.

Replace all uses of “I”, “Me”, “(Your Company Name)” or “(Your Name)” with “You”, “Your”. Use of the words “We” or “Us” can be used when referring but make sure you’re referring to you and the clients when grouping.

RULE 4: Must be in line with your vision and values

A pitch that is not consistent with your vision or values is not a sales message.

RULE 5: Repetition turns people off

A warning to marketers: This rule falls in the face of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

In your pitch, you must never repeat a word. When you explain a concept with clarity, everything is understood; therefore, it doesn’t need to be repeated. In fact, repeating yourself makes you sound unprofessional and the opposite of eloquent.

RULE 6: Always complete your Pitch Preparation Table first

With an understanding of your client’s biggest problems, its easy to match your solution and explain the benefit to the client. Here’s an example:

Step 1 – What are they experiencing? Example: They work hard and never have enough money

Step 2 – What is your solution? Example: A new approach to selling that actually works!

Step 3 – What is the benefit to the client/how does your solution give them what they want in the future? Example: Their revenue will reflect their expertise

RULE 7: Script, STRIP then Speak!

When you say your pitch, set a timer. Speak it, then strip it. Then speak it again. If its longer than 20 seconds, strip again.

Rachel Bourke’s Perfect Elevator Pitch

“Hi, my name is Rachel Bourke, founder of SalesSPACE.

“Essentially I’m a sales coach, but what I’m obsessed with is the art of selling without ever sounding salesy.

“You know how distressing it is when it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you never seem to make enough money.

Well what I do is teach you a new approach to selling that will ensure you halve the time to double your sales”.


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