5 Rules For Targeting Your Ideal Customer

Without targeting, how do you find your ideal customer?

Targeting is the one thing every business owner must do before anything else. Why? Because targeting brings clarity and confidence.

Abraham Lincoln wrote, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.” That’s the exact approach you must take when identifying your ideal customer.

Targeting makes everything else easier and more precise. It doesn’t matter if you’re a thought leader, professional service provider or a small business owner. If you identify and target your perfect customer accurately, your ability to convert leads into clients will skyrocket.

The rules of targeting

At SalesSPACE, targeting underpins everything we do. We have a clear picture of our perfect customer, and the knowledge to address their needs and expectations.

Bernard Desmidt, a recent graduate of the Virtual NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive training, nailed the experience a seller and buyer will undergo when targeting is done right.

“I can honestly say I have never been exposed to such a profound and proven sales system. What I found so powerful about the SalesSPACE approach that it never leaves a client or prospect feeling ‘sold to’, but instead helps them come to an informed decision why they would want to ‘buy from you’.

“It is the most respectful approach to selling I’ve ever encountered”, Bernard wrote.

Rule 1. Go narrow and deep to reveal your ideal customer

Everyone is no one. Unless you aim all your darts at the bullseye, every throw is a wasted opportunity.

Here’s an example of doing targeting the right way.

Who are they?
Example: Female, 35 – 50, pays herself a $150K salary, run own business for 7 years, turn over $1m, 4-5 employees, lives 5kms from Sydney CBD, married with two children, has a gym membership, travels with family at least once a year.

What are they experiencing?
Example: Lower revenue, leads are drying up, increased pressure to say yes to non-ideal clients, conversion rates are dropping, loss of valuable employees, tension at home, lack of control, due to an opportunity she may have outgrown her current financing arrangement.

What are they currently feeling?
Example: Frustrated sales are 50% down from this time last year, scared for her financial future, overwhelmed by change required in her business model, frustrated by Government policy, stressed by customer queries, under pressure to improve performance.

What do they value?
Example: Certainty, freedom, choices, financial security, respect, structure, reputation, trust.

What do they want in the future?
Example: Revenue growth, a streamlined, future proof business model, a smaller team of talented, highly productive people, wealth, more engaged staff, reputation as a leader in her field.

Rule 2. Know your ideal customer’s values, pain, objections, history and competitor offers

What do they value? What causes them pain? What sales objections do they experience, and how do they handle them? What is their background and the history of their business? Who are their competitors?

Rule 3. Speak their language

When you know your ideal customer inside and out, adjusting your language to meet their expectations is a breeze. Speaking the same language as them demonstrates respect. Speak like you’re on the same team, and they’ll perceive you as a confident expert who inspires hope.

Rule 4. Show a depth of knowledge

Experience is nothing when compared to knowledge. If you can demonstrate that your thinking is at the forefront of your field, price objections will become a thing of the past. Use endorsements and testimonials to support your pitch and accelerate the buyer’s decision-making process.

Rule 5. Address their doubts and concerns

Focus on your ideal customer’s doubts and immediate concerns. What are their frustrations? What makes them furious? What are they trying to move away from? When you know what your ideal customer cares about, using proof to solve their problem will ensure you elegantly lead them to say “Where do I sign?”

Target your ideal customer for ultimate sales success

When targeting, go beyond demographics. Understanding the nuances of your perfect customer will allow you to take them on a journey, leading them to a sale without ever sounding salesy.

For more tips on how to target our ideal customer, watch our webcast on targeting and download the ultimate tip sheet for targeting success.


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