Get Offline To Convert Leads Into Clients

Twelve months ago, the world was overwhelmed with choice. Savvy thought leaders and business owners who had a proven sales system in place were converting leads into clients like there was no tomorrow. Fast forward, and it’s hard to believe we’re forced to live our lives online.

The pandemic has stripped us of physical human connection. Last year you could gauge a person’s confidence by the strength of their handshake. A firm grip and one shake would set the tone for an entire sales conversation. Is it possible to achieve that same presence and connection online?

3 strategies to bring the love back into your business

Social distancing shouldn’t stop you from creating real connections. If you spent as much time talking with clients as you did on social media, imagine the difference to your bank balance! Real connection and interaction are basic human needs, and from experience, are more successful at converting leads into clients than digital marketing.

1. Pick up the phone

While digital marketing and social media platforms allow for fast and easy communication with large audiences, it’s one way. Social media cannot replace human interaction, rapport building or an actual connection. Nothing quite compares to being in the presence of someone who listens to your concerns and answers your questions. Stop hiding behind your computer. Pick up the phone and talk with people if you want to convert leads into clients.

2. Invest in a home stage and good webcam

Unless you’re an e-commerce business selling brands that people already know and trust, the digital world will never replace human interaction.

Pre-COVID, how much effort did you put into preparing for a sales meeting? Think about your state of mind, the time spent on personal grooming and the environment where you hosted the meeting.

‘Working from home’ is no excuse to let the wheels fall off the wagon. Dress to impress, set up your stage and open each meeting with your strongest virtual handshake.

3. Send a note

When was the last time you received a personal, handwritten note? Imagine that. Rather than sending a LinkedIn connection, introduce yourself the old-fashioned way. Instead of sending a meeting request, put an invitation in the post. While human interaction can never be replaced, taking your conversation offline will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Convert leads into clients the old fashioned way

Take a moment to remember how you used to do business. The pandemic will end, and on the other side, we’ll see who used their imagination to adapt to the challenge. Even if you’re online, act like you’re offline. No matter the platform, people buy from people they trust. Nothing replaces rapport if your goal is to convert leads into clients.


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In today’s business landscape, social media is a driving force, and content is the critical component of any digital product. It not only informs and adds value for your audience, but the right content also has the power to foster relationships with the right people.

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