I hope they don’t…

Preparation is the key to success – it provides clarity, confidence and conviction.

But how much preparation is enough?

How much is too much?

It is obvious – the higher the stakes, the more preparation you must do. Parachutists prepare diligently as do combat soldiers and race car drivers.

But what happens when our lives aren’t on the line?
It still comes down to what is at stake and how much value you put on the result. Elite athletes prepare for all eventualities….

To know if you have prepared enough for a sales presentation, ask yourself one question:

Is anything I hope my client doesn’t ask or mention?

For example:

“I hope they don’t ask me about the latest research into…”
“I hope they don’t ask me about my competitors”
“I hope they don’t want me to explain this in greater detail”
“I hope they don’t look at my website”
“I hope they don’t ask me for a brochure”

Your “I hope they don’t” checklist pinpoints where you haven’t prepared enough. Have you thought through every objection or prepared for the mystery attendee at your meeting?

You could make the list endless but when you have dealt with all reasonable “I hope they don’ts”, you have prepared enough.


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